Projects to Benefit Homeless Veterans Move Ahead in Kansas City

Community organizers in Kansas City are doing everything in their power to develop a small neighborhood of cozy houses for homeless veterans, but their project is moving slower than expected. Instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen, however, they decided to open a new outreach center for veterans, and they managed to do it in just a couple of months.


According to a late March news report published by the Kansas City Star, the opening of the Kansas City Veterans Outreach Center, which is located next to the subdivision to be developed for the benefit of homeless veterans, was created because volunteers do not like sitting around and waiting for lawmakers and regulators to do their jobs. Leaders of the Veterans Community Project realize that they are moving too quickly and too aggressively for politicians and government agencies, but they do not want to stop at this point.


The immediate services that the Veterans Outreach Center will provide will include: legal consultation, job search assistance, computer proficiency training, bus passes, and access to a food pantry.


A local non-profit dedicated to finding solutions for homeless people in Kansas City also thinks that the Veterans Community Project is moving too fast with its lofty goals. The non-profit in question is reStart Inc., which is part of a citywide coalition to help the homeless. Thus far, the veterans who plan to build the small residence for their homeless comrades have not shown too much interest in joining coalitions; they mostly want to get the job done because they believe they can pull it off in record time.


The Veterans Outreach Center is an example of what this group is capable of, and there is an important reason for their “lone wolf” approach: they actually help veterans who have been dishonorably discharged or whose service was limited to reserve duty. In recent years, the United States Veterans Administration has mostly focused on helping those who have served active duty tours during wartime, and thus reservists and others may not get the assistance they need.


For the time being the Veterans Village project is awaiting the installation of sewer lines.


Omaha Veterans Get Treatment and Second Chance in Court

While most men and women who proudly served in the United States Armed Forces are able to successfully transition into civilian life, a few of them end up getting in trouble with the law.


A felony conviction wreaks havoc on the lives of everyday Americans, including veterans. Even if felony offenders do not serve prison terms, they are forever branded with a scarlet letter that makes it very difficult for them to get jobs and benefits.


In Nebraska, however, veterans who enter a guilty plea for a felony offense are getting a second chance thanks to a program crafted by a criminal court division in Omaha. According to a news report broadcast by KMTV Channel 3, the program is a sort of “treatment court” for veterans who are willing to participate for two years. To qualify for treatment court, veterans must have pleaded guilty to a felony conviction that could be reasonably dropped after successful completion of the program.


Although the program is managed by the Omaha court, the individuals in charge are volunteers from the community who serve as mentors and social workers for the convicted veterans. Many of these offenders have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder as a result of certain experiences they lived through while serving the interests of the United States.


This treatment court started operating in late 2016 and is the first of its kind in the state. Judge Mark Ashford presides over this special court, which currently benefits seven veterans. The judge explained to KMTV that he would like to reach out to as many as 30 veterans who may qualify and benefit from this program.


Now that the veterans treatment court has been operational for more than three months, Judge Ashford is aware of the significance of the program; after all, the convicted felons participating in treatment court are also men and women who put their lives on the line in the service of the country, which is something that should not be forgotten in all circumstances.


Veterans who enroll in treatment court and do not complete the program will have to face the burden of life with a felony conviction in the U.S.


Oklahoma Veteran Helping People Who Are Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Blue Winds Dancing Sanctuary is a non-profit farm that is located in Oklahoma. The purpose of this organization is to help people deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Ingrid Huffman is owner of the Blue Winds Sanctuary. She is also a former veteran.


Ingrid served in both the Army and Navy Nurse Corps. She is now retired, but she has spent time in Iraq. Ingrid now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. However, she does not think that medication is the best way to manage this condition. She has stated that many people take pill after pill and still do not get better. She also stated that the high rate of suicide among veterans shows that people need better treatments.


Ingrid has been working with Dr. Albert Villodo and has studied Shamactic energy medicine. Dr. Villodo believes that people have to heal their brain before they can heal any other type of their body. Post-traumatic stress disorder is related to the emotions that one was experiencing from a traumatic event.


Ingrid also believes that it is important to heal the gut. Blue Winds Dancing Sanctuary serves food that is free of genetically-modified organism. The farmers work hard to make sure that they provide fresh food for the people who come to the Blue Winds Dancing Sanctuary.


Ingrid welcomes all veterans to come out and find out about how they can heal naturally from PTSD. She will also help educate people about the benefits of organic farming. Additionally, she is looking for volunteers.


In order to purchase food from the Blue Winds Dancing Sanctuary, you must pay a membership fee of $35 to the Clientele Membership Club. You will be able to save up to 40 percent if you buy food from the Blue Winds Dancing Sanctuary. Ingrid will be hosting a Spring Open House in June, which will give people the opportunity to taste the produce grown at the farm.


Discover Quality Cardiology Care with Dr. Edward Honig in NYC


Visiting a cardiologist for the first time may be a stressful experience. Some individuals visit a heart doctor to determine whether they have a serious condition or not. Others may already be diagnosed with a heart problem such as arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, or heart disease. And there are also some individuals such as those with diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, who visit a cardiologist to find ways to prevent developing a heart condition.


Regardless of what your reason may be for seeing a cardiologist, it can be helpful to learn more about cardiology so that you know what to expect during your initial visit.


What Exactly is a Cardiologist?



A cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in issues of the heart. They have the knowledge and experience to diagnose, treat and prevent various heart disorders. They can also be seen by patients who have other conditions such as hypertension or blocked arteries.


A cardiologist can perform various tests to determine if you have a heart problem. These tests can help them either diagnose or rule out serious issues such as congestive heart failure, heart disease, or coronary artery disease.


Cardiologists go through many years of training in preparation for their careers. They may work in an internal medicine office for several years before they begin seeing patients as a heart specialist. When you visit a cardiologist, you can be assured that they have the training needed to take care of all your heart-specific medical needs.


What Should I Expect When I Visit a Cardiologist?



When you go to see a cardiologist for the first time, they will ask you several questions about your personal health history and your family’s medical history. This will help them to determine if you have a heart condition. They may also perform several tests that will help with the diagnosis. These tests can usually be performed in the office, or you may have to visit an outpatient facility.


Your cardiologist will perform tests based on your symptoms and medical history. Some of the tests may include…


  • An exercise stress test
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Nuclear Cardiology Test
  • ECG
  • Cardiac Mapping
  • Bloodwork
  • X-Rays



These tests are useful because they allow the doctor to monitor how your heart and blood vessels function and if there are any abnormalities. The tests can also detect if there is any blockage in your blood vessels and arteries, or if there are any issues with your heart’s rhythm.


If a problem is found, your cardiologist can help you find the right treatment options that will help you prevent any additional problems and allow you to live a healthier life.


Why Should I See a Cardiologist?



Even if you don’t have a heart problem, if your doctor suggests that you see a cardiologist, you should take their advice. A heart specialist can help you prevent certain heart conditions from occurring by putting you on medication or helping you make lifestyle changes.


If you have a heart condition, you should keep your appointments with your cardiologist and follow their instructions. They have plenty of knowledge and experience studying the heart and blood vessels so you can trust their opinion when it comes to your health.


About Dr. Edward Honig



Dr. Edward Honig is a cardiologist who practices at the Glen Cove Hospital in the NYC area. He has worked for many years helping patients with all types of heart defects and disorders. He and his staff will ensure that your initial visit with them is a pleasant experience. They will explain every procedure with you and be happy to answer any questions that you may have about your current or potential condition.


When you want to see the best cardiologist that New York City offers, then you should make an appointment with Dr. Honig today. He is a highly-recommended heart specialist that takes care of each of his patients with individualized and compassionate care.

Dr. Edward Honig’s long-running career in career in cardiology



A cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and conditions of the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system includes the heart and blood vessels. In the case of a cardiovascular condition, a cardiologist evaluates the patient’s symptoms and also assesses the patient’s medical history. The cardiologist may also recommend tests for a more accurate diagnosis.


Cardiology is a vast field where cardiologists specialize in many areas. Some cardiologists specialize in general cardiology while some specialize in interventional procedures including echocardiography or electrophysiology. After the diagnosis is made, the cardiologist then decides if the condition can be managed under his/her care.


Early stages of most cardiovascular conditions are difficult to detect because in the early stages most of these conditions lack symptoms. Cardiologists, therefore, advise on regular check-ups to uncover the state at its onset stages. It is important to spot a cardiovascular disease at its early stages as the condition can be quickly stopped from progressing to a full-blown stage. A full-blown heart disease is complicated and expensive to treat and manage.



After a diagnosis, the cardiologist may recommend treatment. A majority of cardiologists perform the non-complex surgical procedures such as simple incisions, implanting pacemakers and angioplasty. However, not all cardiologists are surgeons. Qualified specialists and cardiologists often handle complicated procedures such as transplants are left to act as consultants.



About Edward Honig

Dr. Edward Honig, MD is a standout cardiologist in the field working at Glen Cove Hospital in New York. He graduated from Duke University School of Medicine in 1951. He took his internship program in New York Hospital and completed it in 1952. He also completed his residency at the same hospital in 1953. He was a fellow at Yale, and he finished this fellowship program 1955. Edward Honig is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.


Dr. Edward Honig is an outstanding professional and has no malpractice claims, sanctions or board actions against him. He has had a stellar career packed with experience having been active for over forty years. He has carried out several surgeries and he is definitely a successful cardiologist.

President Trump Offends Veterans Twice in One Week

More veterans this past week joined the growing crowds of United States citizens and others who are protesting Donald Trump’s position as president. He offended many veterans after he honored the widow of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, Carryn Owens, during his address to Congress on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, and then after he wore an Admiral’s Navy flight jacket and cap, supposedly gifts from the crew, during a speech aboard the USS Gerald R Ford on Thursday.


At first glance, honoring a widow and accepting gifts are normal of how a president should behave. Many veterans though took offense after comparing these actions to his past actions and schemes. Evidence from recent White House leaks and intelligence agency statements suggest that Owens should have never been in the combat situation that claimed his life. Former President Barack Obama supposedly refused to give the mission a green light because the high risks didn’t outweigh the potential gains. Given Trump’s past PR manipulations and the lack of intelligence information actually gained, a lot of critics believe that his honoring Carryn Owens and her husband was an attempt to draw the public’s attention away from the fact that Owens likely died for no reason.


Trump’s choice of clothing drew heavy criticism because he claimed four education deferments and one health deferment to stay out of Vietnam. Veterans believe that his wearing service clothing, even as gifts, is disgraceful. Some veterans and other critics have even questioned whether the jacket and cap were actual gifts or another PR stunt. Of course, these actions are merely the most recent to anger veterans. For example, the president recently ignored nationwide town hall protests about the Republicans’ plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act that so many veterans and their families rely on for healthcare coverage.


Veterans Need To Educate themselves About Their Benefits

The military is a very diverse work place. People are recruited from all the world to do a variety of duties. It requires a unique set of life skills to navigate the challenges that come with serving in the United States Armed Forces. Many service members are so dedicated to their jobs that they forget to plan for life after the military. There are many courses offered to ease the transition from active duty to civilian life. However, the reality of the process takes many veterans by surprise. They get out and realize that most people can’t relate to there story and experiences. Large companies are eager to assist in bringing veterans back into society. Yet many of them do not know how to reach out to prior service members and show them the opportunities that are available. Physical and mental obstacles also play a role in how veterans are able find a place in a world they do not understand. The Department of Veterans Affairs exist to help prior service members locate an identity in a world that is foreign to them. Training is the foundation of the transition process. Veterans have a number of valuable skills. However, it takes time to apply those skills to a civilian job that matches. Prior service members struggle to understand what their worth is and how much money they should demand for salary. Programs such as Vocational Rehabilitation offer counseling and guidance so that each veteran can evolve into a position that works best for them. The Post 9/11 GI Bill assist with the educational side of the process into civilian life. The GI Bill is very versatile and can be applied to obtaining a degree at a traditional university or technical school. There is also a living allowance that is based on the local economy of the applicant.


Former President Bush Painting In Oils And Writing To Help US Vets

His work might not be considered anything close to the masterpieces by Picasso, but George W. Bush is getting high marks for a new book he’s promoting on military portraits.


The former president picked up the love of drawing and painting after he left office. He took a few lessons and recently had a showing at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. His work features the color portraits of 66 post-Sept. 11 veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The exhibit continues through early October.


Bush also wrote a book Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors that topped Amazon’s best-seller list right as it became available. The book displays those oil paintings and also includes an introduction by Bush and forewords by both former First Lady Laura Bush and Gen. Peter Pace, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The price of a hardcover copy goes for $35. A $250 cloth-bound version of Portraits of Courage is signed by the 43rd US president.


Proceeds from sales of the book will go to benefit the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Military Service Initiative. The program helps veterans survive the physical and psychological scars from war during their transition back into civilian life.


The former president recently joined late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel to promote his book. He told Kimmel that he didn’t miss being president and also didn’t mind when comedians would poke fun at him during his time in office. “The best humor is when you make fun of yourself.”


Bush told Kimmel that the best imitator was a man named Steve Bridges, who also closely resembled the former president. He was hilarious at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner, as Bush delivered remarks, and Bridges would mock him. “I would say something, and then Bridges would say, ‘Well this is what he really meant,’” Bush said with a laugh.


Sadly, Bridges passed away in 2012.


When Kimmel asked if Bush has seen Alec Baldwin lampooning President Trump on SNL, Bush politely replied that he had not.

Coming Home Can Be Difficult For Some Veterans

Service members join the Armed Forced without knowing how long their careers are going to last. It is a calculated risk. Each person has weighed the options and determined that the potential reward is worth the effort. The United States military is designed to take those who are inexperienced and make them professionals at whatever trade they study. It is a supreme level of commitment. Although there are many skills in the service that transfer into civilian life, active duty culture is very unique. Service members must learn a different language and method of human interaction in order to be successful. Ironically, these are the same characteristics that make transitioning out of the military a problem. Veterans must figure out how to operate in a world where most people don’t understand their dialog. This element of the process is extremely intimidating. The Department of Veterans Affairs is an organization that specializes in helping prior service members make the evolution from their military obligations to a productive civilian existence. There are many programs in place. Education is the foundation of an efficient transition. Even a skilled journeyman needs to know were to send there resumes. The VA is experienced in pointing veterans in the direction that is most beneficial. Many jobs go unfilled because the candidates have no idea what’s available. Employers also have trouble making contact with applicants. It takes trained professionals to make the connection between the talent and the organizations. Education programs exist to give prior service members the competitive credentials they need to be affective in the job market. The Post 9/11 GI Bill was updated to suit the needs of veterans who require advanced education to reach goals they have set. The bill provides funding for classes at universities and technical schools. There is also money available for living expenses. The pay rates are adjustable to the cost of living in any area around the world.


Tammy Mazzocco is Central Ohio’s Real Estate Beacon

Tammy Mazzocco got her start in real estate by working as a secretary in a real estate office of nine men working commercial real estate. That was a great learning experience because they were successful and she saw the earning potential of real estate.

From that job, she became the manager of a large condominium project, and in 1995 her boss suggested that she get her real estate license. From there she worked in several positions where she was a licensed assistant, and in 1999, she decided to go into the sales end of the business with the Judy Gang Agency with RE/MAX.

Today, Tammy Mazzocco works in four Central Ohio Counties, Franklin, Delaware, Licking, and Fairfield. Her days are full, and she enjoys every minute of it. She starts her day early with some stretching exercises and meditation. Then she gets some of the less enjoyable things out of the way such as paperwork and prospecting. Prospecting involves following up on leads.

She likes the leads that come from agencies such as, and Zillow because those are interested people. However, most of her sales come from customers and referrals. Once the busy work is done, she is out in the field, showing homes to potential buyers. She is passionate about her business because it allows her the freedom to create what she wants by putting in the effort.

She shared on Ideamensch the one habit that she claims keeps her going and motivates her is the habit of setting objectives on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. She likes to set the goal, and then break it down into manageable action steps. It is much easier to take on the little steps as opposed to even thinking about the entire goal all at once.

Another attribute that she is very firm about is how she treats her prospective buyers. Tammy insists on treating them just as she would like to be treated herself. She treats the client’s time and investment just as she would treat her own, and she insists that the people know it. She attributes this attitude towards a lot of her success.

Another piece of good advice that Mazzocco has picked up along the way is not to take herself too seriously. Live your life without worrying about failure. Make each occasion the best it can be and don’t settle for second best. Get your ducks in a row and then work like crazy to get things done and you’ll be surprised at what can be accomplished.