Sam Tabar: Business Development Solutions

Due to the business world being so competitive, being able to implement business development solutions that meet the goals of a company and its clients is crucial to success. However, to take business development ideas and turn them into reality, it takes people who know how to take calculated risks and make them pay off. While there are many financial industry professionals who have achieved limited levels of success along the way, none have approached the levels of success achieved by Sam Tabar. Possessing a sterling reputation among his peers, Sam has used his background in law and finance to help clients around the world. Whether meeting with a group of high net worth investors or company executives from Fortune 500 corporations, Sam is always at the top of his game.

Having extensive experience with international clients, Sam has always been very comfortable working with an international clientele. Making numerous trips to Hong Kong, Sam eventually established an office there in order to better serve his clients. While meeting with his clients there, he worked tirelessly to study the latest international finance trends in order to develop the best possible strategies. With his in-depth knowledge of the culture abroad, Sam took the data from business trends and turned them into business development strategies that would help companies and clients meet their goals.

Due to his extensive experience in law and business, Sam has an understanding of business development solutions that few others in the industry can match. With his expertise in contract law and hedge fund structure and formation, Sam has always been at the forefront of global marketing strategies. Despite what others might say along the way, Sam is always confident his strategies will pay off in the end. Known throughout the industry for his attention to detail, and as an operating attorney Sam believes it is this attitude that keeps him at the top of his game. Always willing to learn as much as possible, it is not uncommon to find Sam reading the latest legal article or attending a seminar in order to better serve his clients.

As his career progresses, Sam has many more goals he hopes to meet. Expanding his client base, implementing additional strategies, and leading the way in business development are all part of Sam’s plans within the next several years. In examining his track record, most experts agree Sam will meet these and other goals as well.  Currently, Mr. Tabar has taken up the mantle as COO of FullCycle Energy Fund.  A career move that proves his skyrocketing career has no ceiling.

The GoFundMe For Operation Smile By Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel already has a name for himself in dental medicine, but he wants to make sure that he can use that name for good. Avi is a dentist out of New Jersey and is keen on helping the community. He was voted Best Dentist on multiple occasions and never takes a day for granted. He takes a lot of trips with Operation Smile, and he makes sure that he is taking trips to help people who will never get dental care without his help. He started a GoFundMe page to make sure that he can raise more money for Operation Smile, and he wants everyone to know what the charity is all about.

The charity sends dentists out in huge vehicles that are going to be able to carry all the gear and people that they need. The vehicles roll into towns around the country, and they have a lot of people coming to them when they show up. The charity could spend a week in the same place, and they could come back every year to see the same people. Avi Weisfogel likes to see the same people so that he can get to know them, and he also wants to make sure that he can help people that he knows are in real need.

Operation Smile needs all the money it can get, and it is going to get that money from people who are giving to campaigns like the one that Avi Weisfogel started. There are a lot of people who are going to give because they believe in Operation Smile, and even more are going to know that they are going to give to something that is brand new to them. That means that they are going to learn about how they can help people who need the dental care that they take for granted.

The people that are going to come to the page can give as many times as they want, and it is important for these people to see if they can give every time they see the page. Avi Weisfogel wants to make sure that they can give a lot of money, and he shares it as much as he can. People who love to give money to help disadvantaged people can give to Operation Smile through just one page they find online.

Talk Fusion Going From Small To Market Leader

In a recent article by Hello Tesla, they spoke of a new trend when it comes to marketing and advertising is the use of video clips embedded in to emails. This technique has allowed companies to increase their revenue by up to 40 percent as well as engage audiences with greater ease. This was supported by a recent study that showed a 20 percent increase in opening rates of emails as well as 2-3 times increased click through rates. As we discover the importance of video and its strength over simple text companies are now using this to their advantage.

The leader in this sort of technology is Talk Fusion. Started in 2007 by Bob Reina, its CEO, Talk Fusion has since exploded on to the market making it the 8th most popular communication application available. Bob Reina before Talk Fusions’s creation wanted to embed a simple video clip within an email and was told by America Online that this was simply not possible. This got him started on the journey to create his own application with the help of a friend who had the IT expertise necessary for its execution. The rest is history. The single application has now opened several other doors allowing the company to utilize several communication ventures. The suite now consists of video chat, video newsletter, live meetings, lead capture and much more.

The great Talk Fusion software is so popular due to the ease of use and the ability of the user to implement several different templates to suite their needs. There are a total of over 1000 different templates available.

There are other software options available from Streamsend and GetResponse which provide for similar communication functionality. The use of video communication has never been simpler thanks to the innovation of companies like Talk Fusion who have worked hard to provide us with great functionality combined with ease of use. The future is looking bright for Talk Fusion as they expand across the globe making their software suite available to more and more people.

James Dondero Looks to Capitalize on the Argentinian Bond Market

A Bloomberg Business article discusses how Argentina is looking to raise almost $12 billion through its bond offering starting in April. The president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, says Highland plans on purchasing a large portion of those bonds. Argentina will use the money from the sale of the bonds to pay back creditors after the country defaulted on its payments in 2001 and in 2014. The bonds will have an initial yield of 7.5 to 8 percent with maturities of 5, 10 or 30 years.

At one time, Highland Capital was the biggest holder of Argentinian bonds that are due in the year 2033. James told Bloomberg Business that they plan on holding these bonds that Highland bought in 2014 while adding more bonds to their portfolio. These 2033 bonds have given Highland an annualized return of 20 percent, which is a lot better than other emerging-market bonds which have an average annualized return of 3.3 percent. The 20 percent annualized return has helped to offset Highland’s losses in the energy market from last year.

Highland was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993, and it has $19 billion under management. They specialize in alternative investments such as hedge funds, distressed private equity, collateralized loan obligations, mutual funds and ETFs. Their clients include public pension plans, corporations, foundations and high-net-worth individuals. Highland Capital is headquartered in Dallas, and it has offices in New York City, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Seoul.

James believes Argentina is ready for strong growth after years of shrinking production, terrible tax policies, price manipulations and large subsidies. In addition to purchasing the soon to be issued Argentinian bonds, James is looking for other investment opportunities in the country which includes possibly creating an Argentina fund. James is expecting these bonds to trade higher in the intermediate-term. The Bloomberg Business article on Highland Capital’s interest in purchasing the new Argentinian bonds can be found at

Charles Koch: Integrity, Values and 1888

In the year 1888, Hotze “Harry” Koch started on a journey that would create a lasting legacy for this grandsons Charles and David Koch. Now, 1888 has become more than just a time in history where their legacy began, it is now a thriving company, inside of Koch industries that manages their personal wealth.

According to the article, “The Koch Brothers Have Started a new Family Office quietly to Invest their fortune,” by Margaret Collins of 1888 Management, LLC was incorporated in Delaware in 2014. It originally operated out of the treasury department of Koch industries. However, now the company is registered to do business in California, Florida and the home base of Koch Industries, Kansas.

The Koch family like to have family and the brightest minds in their inner business circle. Trent May, the former Chief Investment Officer of the Wyoming Retirement System is one prime example. According to the article, “At 1888, May is focusing in part on making direct investments in companies in which the Koch brothers can take a sizable stake, according to people with knowledge of the operation.”

We all know the business side of the Koch Industries CEO, but what about who he is as a person? And his personal views and values? Who his Charles Koch? He has many titles. He is the chief executive officer of Koch Industries, a philanthropist and has written three bestselling books. He considers himself a freedom fighter and wants to restore a free society. He has made it a mission to understand principles that help others improve their lives and he wants to share that with the American people. While many try to paint him in a negative light, Mr. Koch truly values the fundamental concepts of dignity, respect, equality before the law.

Marcio Alaor With The BMG Recap

Each year that passes by, the month of January brings good news to those who live in or near Las Vegas, because each year during that period of time, the Consumer Electronics Show, also known by the name of CES, get put into action.

The CES event has for many years now been a way of showing everyone who wants to see the ways that technology has grown and how it will probably be going in the future. This specialized event known as CES has become quite an interesting place to go to for many, and it helps people with keeping up on the way technology is going.

This year, during the annual CES event, the holders of the event were able to talk to the people who were attending about the newest developments, such as the drone that is able to have a passenger fly in it, and the electric cars that are now being created and the life-altering cameras that are able to starting to be implemented onto the objects of many different people, and that are going to change how everyone is able to see the life of the homes that we now live in.
For many, the Our Veterans crew has it that of these cool and expanded inventions throughout the technology world are an exciting piece of news. We may not realize it constantly, but the world we know so well right now, is changing all the time, and we must keep up on it, otherwise we could miss out on some big life-altering changes.

When it comes to technology, we are developing so fast as the world goes on, and pretty soon, will being seeing some huge changes in the way we live our lives. However, even though there is change in technology coming and constantly going, the changes are all good for us, they help us in ways that we never thought possible before.

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Marcio Alaor

Many might not know this, but Marcio Alaor BGM is a person that is well-known for his work as being a team member for the executive team with the BMG Group. He happens to be one of the best in the business. For all of the years that he has worked, he has worked hard to make sure that this world changes for the better, and that is why so many are huge fans of Marcio Alaor.

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Brian Torchin: Entrepreneur, Health Care Recruiter

Brian Torchin is the President of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, LLC. Brian holds a Doctor of Chiropractic from the New York Chiropractic College and a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware.

Early in his career he began staffing, opening, and managing medical offices in Pennsylvania, Florida in Delaware. The experience and knowledge he gained from these ventures led to his founding of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, LLC. Brian is a chiropractor, and a driven worker, and absorbed in making sure each of his 200+ worldwide clients are taken care of and happy. He staffs his clients with a full range of medical professionals including medical doctors, doctors of chiropractic, physician’s assistants, physical therapists, along with a full range office support,in all 50 states and internationally. He is also active in professional groups, both the National Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters and the American Coalition of Healthcare Recruiters.

Brian’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. An columnist says “Having been a chiropractor himself for many years, [Brian] takes pride in bringing the public physicians in his trade that they can trust.” More praise comes from where a user says “… Torchin found a brilliant niche, and is doing his best to make the most of that.” Co-workers speak equally well, one saying “Brian is straight-forward, honest and reliable and knows how to use persistence to get things done. He’s driven, thorough and is a strong decision maker. He’s also a lot of fun to work with.”

Finding it very important to be available to his clients, Brian offers up a personal email address and cell phone number where he can be reached. E-mails can be sent to [email protected] or he can be reached by phone at (267)251-5275.

Brian has accomplished many things in life as can be attributed to LinkedIn. Graduating college not once, but twice. Working his way up in his career until he reached the point of starting his own business, then stepping out on his own and building it from the ground up. And things are only looking further up from here.  Brian’s Vimeo offers more insight into what’s going on with the healthcare industry at large.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, He is a Scoundrel After All

Kyle Bass, a onetime favorite hedge-funder is being seen in a different light these days. Bass predicted the 2008 mortgage crisis and for some time appeared to have the “magic touch” in regard to making money and predicting the market. However, as of late, his true colors have been showing. From his relationship with Argentina’s former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to his handling of the GM airbag cases, and now the pharmaceutical patent suits, Bass is truly showing his true motives. It is clear that protecting his own investment is much more important than anything or anyone else.

Amid numerous accusations, former Argentina President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner receives nothing but praise from Kyle Bass. After defaulting on Argentina’s sovereign debt, Bass has defended her actions which led to the default. He even went as far as to criticize companies that insisted on full payment of debt, calling these companies “immoral” and suggesting that they were holding Argentina hostage and keeping the citizens of Argentina from progressing. This said to the companies owed instead of putting blame where it should be with Kirchner.

Another demonstration of the faulty character of Bass was the way in which he handled the GM airbag law suit. In an effort to protect his investments in GM, Bass truly showed himself for the slime that he is. GM was charged with having defective airbags that killed several passengers. What did Bass do? Well, he went on national TV and tried to place the blame from the faulty airbags to the victims. He stooped so low to say that the victims were either drunk or had not been wearing seatbelts.

Once again, Bass is making headlines. This time his target is on pharmaceutical firms. He is teaming with the “world’s most notorious patent troll,” Erich Spangenberg. The scheme this time is to short-sell the pharmaceutical firms stock, then challenge for their patents via the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which was set up for this purpose. Bass has tried to make people that his motives are for the people and that this will cause pharmaceuticals to go down. Although the reality is that when the stocks go down, Bass moves in, then prices go up and the funds for medical research go down. This sick scheme of his actually harms millions who rely on these products to treat symptoms or even prolong their lives.

There is no depth deep enough for Kyle Bass to sink. These schemes have brought unfavorable notoriety to the once star of finances. His reputation is deteriorating with good cause after affiliating with Argentina’s Kirchner, to blaming innocent victims, and now his actions are taking away much needed pharmaceutical.

Fox News Steers Interview To Sway The Poorly Educated, Gets Schooled By Thor Halvorssen

Donald Trump recently said that he loves the poorly educated in a campaign speech. It may turn out that poorly educated voters support Donald Trump. And unfortunately, poorly educated voters can be swayed by the national media very easily. Fox News may have been aiming at these poorly educated voters in a recent interview with Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

The subject of the interview was socialism, but Thor Halvorssen may have not known that beforehand. In fact, he probably didn’t. It seems kind of silly for the conservative news network to bring on a famous human rights activist to define a form of government. After all, Thor Halvorssen’s area of expertise is human rights and human rights violations, especially those committed by authoritarian dictators throughout the world.

The interview begins suspiciously, with the Fox News anchor asking why socialism violates basic human rights. It doesn’t, he said. He then thoughtfully explains that socialism is a tool, and like all tools it can be used for good or bad. The banner below the interview then begins to read “Socialism Violates Rights”. Thor Halvorssen has to dig in and explain socialism to the hostess and the viewers of Fox News. He’s cut off. The anchor does not want to get “bogged down in details” and quickly tries to get the human rights activist to say socialism is evil. If they can persuade a few low information voters, Fox News can guarantee less votes for the insurgent campaign of Bernie Sanders.

But the network may have pushed film producter Thor Halvorssen a bit too far. He counterattacks with the fact that he supports Bernie Sanders and has donated $2700 to the Democratic Socialists campaign. It makes sense. Thor Halvorssen, like Bernie Sanders, has spent years fighting for equality and justice and has gone against the mainstream to expose corruption at any level. He continued to express concern over Hillary Clinton, who he claims has taken millions of dollars in campaign contributions from countries like Saudi Arabia which violate human rights. The shocked anchor then wraps up the interview quickly so those low information voters do not get swayed by Thor Halvorssen’s humanity

QNET Creates Opportunities for Women and Their Entrepreneurial Ambitions

The modern day woman desires to be independent and successful in balancing aspects of both life and work. As women we seek to prove the stereotypes wrong, never again to be secluded by the preset societal roles. Measures have been put in place to ensure equal opportunities but current market conditions aren’t quite favorable. As a result of this, the direct selling industry becomes our solace. It offers easy, quick and low risk opportunities to propel our entrepreneurial ambitions.

Importance of Providing Opportunities for Women

The United States Agency International Development (USAID) has emphasized the need to mentor women to become leaders. It has further elaborated that for societies to thrive; girls and women require access to healthcare, technology and education. It has also added that women ought to have control over lands, resources and markets.

QNET is one of the key players in direct selling. It offers low risk opportunities for women everywhere. QNET believes that through empowering young women entrepreneurs, a positive ripple effect will be felt in families and surrounding communities.

Developing Young Women Entrepreneurs

QNET has made strides in support of this cause. In a recent account by the MENA Regional General Manager, Khaled Diab, it was clear that QNET has always been a proud supporter of women’s rights and gender equality. She further explains that the Direct Selling Association is majorly comprised of women with statistics showing 74.4 percent occupancy.

Women should join QNET’s team of direct sellers. It will not only maximize earnings but also allow an effective work-life balance through flexible individual schedules. QNET also offers products relating to women’s health, wellness and beauty. The products include: Swiss-made luxury lady watches and skin care products such as the Physio Radiance.

QNET Profile

Its products fall under: health and wellness, education, holidays, technology, personal care as well as luxury goods. QNET offers its products through its e-commerce platform to its customers in more than 100 countries. The company owns over 25 agencies and offices worldwide with active stockists.

QNET plays a part in the Direct Selling Association within countries such as Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. It remains a proud member of the Health Food Association in Hong Kong as well as Singapore’s Health Supplements Industry Association. QNET is actively involved in sports; it recently offered to sponsor the Manchester City Football Club becoming their official direct selling partner.

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