Keith Mann Partners with Uncommon Schools for Scholarship

Keith Mann, founder of Dynamics Search Partners recently announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This scholarship was created in order to spotlight the this next realm of business leaders coming from this newer generation. Together, Keith Mann partnered with Uncommon Schools in New York to offer this scholarship opportunity to a graduating senior at one of their schools.

When asked why Keith and Keely had decided to implement this scholarship their response was simple. They wanted to make sure that recipient of their scholarship was a student at the Uncommon Charter High School.

Each student applying for the scholarship have been encouraged students to write a 1,000 word essay about how receiving a college degree could aid them in helping their professional goals. Since day one Keith Mann has been an advocate for education and philanthropy. He and his wife have always been dedicated to finding strong leaders and building them up to success.

Currently, this new scholarship is available for graduating seniors. They have until Feb. 29, 2016 to apply. The winner will win a $5,000 scholarship.

Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He launched an Alternative Investment Practice in 2002 and wanted to impact the underrepresented search community. In 2006 he began to expand and in 2009 established DSP. He continues to research ways to expand his business not only in the professional sector but also in the philanthropy sector as he seeks to build his brand to higher and deeper depths.

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Argentina Is Betting Investors Will Jump At The Chance To Buy New Bonds And Highland Capital Is The First Company To Commit

James Dondero, the CEO of Highland Capital Management, knows a good investment when he sees one. The Dallas-based Highland Capital has more than $19 billion assets under management, and the company wants to add more assets to that impressive number. Dondero laid the groundwork to achieve that goal when he decided to take a chance and buy $4 billion in Argentinian bonds in 2014. At that time, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was president of Argentina and her economic track record was less than stellar. In fact, Argentina was in bad shape thanks to de Kirchner’s inability to pull the country together. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner mentality was shaped by the Peronist chapter in Argentina’s history, and that group hasn’t done the country any economic favors over the last 20 years.

But James Dondero knew that there was mounting evidence that the people of Argentina were unhappy with their government when he decided to take the risk and invest in debt bonds while she was president. He knew that Argentina had the capability to rise from the enormous defaults that plagued the country and hedge fund investors like Paul Singer. Highland Capital has an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, so the company had been watching the political unrest unfold for months.

Dondero is an expert when it comes to investing in emerging markets, and he used all his connection when he made the call to bet that Argentinians would elect a pro-democratic leader at the end of 2015. And Dondero was right. Mauricio Marci was elected president in December 2015. Marci, a civil engineer, is a pro-democracy guy with strong leadership abilities. One of the first things Marci did after the election was to agree to a $4.65 billion cash payment to the creditors that refused to restructure the old debt after the country defaulted in 2001. That moved paved the way for Marci to reenter the international debt bond market.

The second thing on President Marci agenda was to make the announcement that Argentina would offer $12 to $15 billion in new bond offerings once the legal issues were resolved. Dondero knew Marci has what it takes to get the country moving again, and he wanted a piece of the largest issuance of hard currency bonds in emerging markets in the last 20 years. Mexico issued $16 billion in 1997. Dondero believes Highland Capital’s investment in Argentinian bonds will be worth it, and other hedge fund investors feel the same way, according to a recent article.

Charles Koch Makes Another Donation

The law school at George Mason University is being named after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the conservative justice who passed away in 2016 and many are pointing to the influence of Charles Koch in accordance with this naming. The Koch brothers have long been supporters of both Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and George Mason University and their donation of $10 million for the law school renaming, along with $20 million from an anonymous donor is more likely to be steeped in their great respect as well as the notable achievements of Justice Scalia rather than some ulterior motive.

There have been many critics of the Koch Brothers over the years, most closely related to the impact and support for various conservative politicians has had on the outcome of various political races both national and local races. Charles Koch earned his fortune from Koch Industries, the second largest private company in the United States and one that is diversified into a number of industries. They have been politically active since the 1970s and have supported various political groups from libertarians to Republicans, all with a focus on reducing the size of government and the waste that comes with it. The Koch brothers are believers in the constitution and the rights afforded to individuals under it.

While neither of the Koch brothers attended George Mason University there are some ties that Koch Industries have to the school, namely through some executives who are former alumni of the school. Though this is the case, the Koch Brothers significant contributions to George Mason University, to the tune of $48 million over a four year period not including the large $10 million donation noted above, dwarf other contributions to schools that the brothers have made. No other university received more than $1 million annually during the four month period noted above.

The sheer size of the contributions to George Mason University have led people to speculate what the cause of these large donations are. While George Mason University is located just outside of Washington DC, their contributions to the school seem unconnected to this. A spokesman for the Koch Brothers say that no contributions have strings attached to them. Instead, Charles Koch appreciates the significant contributions that George Mason University have made to society as well as their significant law and economics programs and the manner in which they help to benefit the country at large.

Breaking Every Old Fashion Rule For Women With Doe Deere Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere of Lime Crime is the most revolutionary fashion icon in the industry right now, but she will not bow down to any of the old rules that some other people might have held onto. The design of her brand is very much against the establishment, and it offers pretty much everything that women need if they do not want to look like the establishment. She knows all the old rules, and she even explains how to break all those rules at one time. The brave women can break them all at once, or she can just break one because she wants to.

Wearing bright colors all together has been verboten for a long time because those colors are all supposed to clash. The colors do not clash if a woman is brave out it, and she should love the colors she pairs together. The colors that she uses will be all about her personal style, and people will love it because she looks unique as compared to everyone else.

There is something else that women should be able to do about mixing patterns. Mixing patterns has been out of style for a long time because the patterns are all supposed to line up, but it is usually obvious that these patterns are not going to line up. That is what makes it fun because one pattern bleeds into another when women wear them together. They can use the patterns as their personal style quite for the day, and it will give people a lot to look at. That is a lot more fun than just hiding one pattern because people do not want to look at it. The truth is that most people are going to want to see all those patterns together.

Women are told to dress their age as a way of shaming them into wearing something that is supposed to be just for them. The problem is that all women like to dress in different ways. Doe Deere is telling women to dress for themselves, and they need to pick the things they love. She does not want women to bend to what men want, and she wants old and young women to use their own mind to dress. Wear anything that makes girls feel beautiful, and then women will be more confident because they obviously want to be in those clothes. They have broken the rules, and they will love the way they feel.

The New Swimsuit Success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

Kate Hudson is very well known in Hollywood for her amazing roles in movies over the years. However, she is now becoming very well known in the fashion industry as well with her new business endeavor. Hudson is responsible for a new line of clothing, Fabletics.

This is a high-end yet affordable line of workout clothes for women all across the world. In their Twitter page, Fabletics has recently announced that they will be releasing a new swim line this summer. The amazing thing about this swim line is the sizes. There will be swimsuits available from XXS to XXL. On April 12 these new swimsuits will be available right in time for summer.

Hudon states that summer is her favorite season, adding to her excitement about this new line of swimsuits. Hudson has focused on suits that are sexy and full of the latest style while also being comfortable to wear. Having a style for every body type was another thing that Hudson wanted to make sure of in this line. She saw a need for stylish swimsuits that would not only fit any body style but accentuate the natural beauty in that body style.

Since 2013, our favorite of the reviews has been bringing high-quality information about Fabletics’ clothing to customers at a very affordable price. Fabletics saw the current trends with companies like Nike and Lululemon providing more stylish workout clothing. With a small monthly subscription of $50 dollars, shoppers would be able to choose full outfits at a fraction of the cost each month. Shoppers can also opt out of a month if they are not interested in getting an outfit that month. This has greatly attributed to the ongoing success of Fabletics. The celebrity endorsement of Hudson has been very helpful as well. The future of Fabletics looks very bright with plans for massive expansion around the country.

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Beneful: A Line Of Dog Food With Many Types

Beneful, a dog food line by Nestle PurinaStore, has become known for it’s varied flavors and excellent nutritional profiles. Everything that is part of the Beneful line is highly nutritious and appealing to the palate of dogs. However, each variety appeals to different age ranges and sizes of dogs. Dogs do tend to vary in terms of taste preferences, which is why Beneful comes in a number of different flavors. All of the foods that are produced by Beneful are pretty easy to find. Beneful products have surged in popularity, so they are available in Wal-Mart stores throughout the country.

One very popular line of dog food is Beneful Originals dry food: Beneful Originals dry food caters to the tastes and nutritional needs of adult dogs. It comes in several different flavors. If your dog is more of a fish lover, it comes in salmon flavor. However, if your dog is more of a beef lover, you can also get it in that flavor. If your dog likes chicken, you can get chicken flavored Beneful Originals. However, these foods aren’t purely meat flavored. Instead, they contain other subtle flavors of natural grains and real vegetables.

Overweight dogs often benefit from Beneful Healthy Weight dry food. Beneful Healthy Weight is quite nutritious, but it’s meant to be light on the calories. The Beneful Healthy Weight dry food comes as chicken flavored. However, it’s also enhanced by subtle vegetable components. Many dogs have shown excellent weight loss from switching to this food.

Beneful makes a special puppy formula, and this is good for puppies that are growing. Beneful Healthy Puppy dry food is designed to help your puppy in all areas of his or her development. It helps with growth, but it also is good for their brain and eye development. Beneful Healthy Puppy dry food also has a chicken taste, with other subtle flavors, as well.

Another very popular kind of Beneful dry food is Incredibites. Incredibites is for smaller dogs. It contains nutrition that is designed specifically for the needs of a small dog, but it also is designed to be exceptionally flavorful.



Michael Zomber: Jack of All Trades

In today’s society, it is rare to find people like Michael Zomber. He is a diamond in the rough to say the least. He knows what is important in today’s day and age and how to take proper care of it. He knows that everything that he preserves is a memory. After all, memories are what life is all about these days. We never forget them and they leave a lasting impression on us. Michael Zomber understands this and doesn’t take it lightly. That is what separates him from the pack and makes him stand out in the best possible way.

Back in 1998, Andrea and Michael Zomber created Renascent Films, which disturbed such films as La Cucaracha, Soul of the Samurai, and one cannot forget the one-woman show, Deep Sea Diving. His works have even received praise from the late, great Roger Ebert. He doesn’t give out praise to just anyone. This just stands to show what kind of artist, human being, and individual that Michael is, overall. Quite frankly, there isn’t anything that the man can’t do once he sets his mind to it. His determination is second to none. He works on every detail of his projects from start-to-finish.

Not only has he tackled and taken on the film world, he has also been in print and been part of literary world. Shogun Iemitsu War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa is a story that is moving, well-written, and a real page turner. There is also Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy That’s Me, Park Avenue, and Son of Kentucky. Coming soon, of course, is Soul of the Samurai, which promises to perhaps be his best work yet, which is saying something considering what he has written and published so far. This is one to write down on your “to-read” list.

He also cares about others, which shows that he is using his position in the world for good. Michael and Andrea Zomber take part in, Randolph Bourne Institute, Global Exchange, Amnesty International, Disabled American Veterans, Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, The Smile Train, and Get Lit’s. He takes time for everyone and everything. Sometimes we need to step back and acknowledge a special person and that person is Michael Zomber. He is truly one-of-a-kind and someone that makes a difference in today’s world and makes it a better place.  PRWeb has a very inspiring story about Zomber’s exoneration, that has led him to his current successes.

Alexei Beltyukov: Russian Entrepreneur Doing Good

Alexei Betyukov is originally from Russia and has seen success as both an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. One of his favorite projects is to provide Russian start ups with angel funding. In order to do this, he founded Endemic Capital in 2013. A-Ventures Limited is another company that Beltyukov founded in order to provide financial assistance to Russian companies that are struggling. Beltyukov has also been heavily involved in providing better educational opportunities to Russians. He founded a scholarship that is funded by Russian alumni at INSEAD University.

Another role that Beltyukov has chosen to take is one that is involved in government. He enjoys providing support and guidance when it comes to economic issues in Russia. He does this through his role as vice president at the Skolkovo Foundation. In addition to advising the government, the foundation also provides entrepreneurs who are looking to expand in Russia and Russian technology start ups with different opportunities and grants.

One company that Beltyukov says on his Twitter he is particularly proud of is A-Ventures. The company that Beltyukov manages and founded already has more than 400 million dollars in assets under their management. In addition to playing a vital role in this company, Beltyukov also serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Director and board member at Renova Project. This company is seen in both Russia and Latvia and they concentrate on establishing corporate governance systems, rebranding, business restructuring, consolidation of equity stakes, asset acquisition and disposal, and strategy design.

Prior to Renova, Beltyukov was the vice president at Brunswick Capital, which is a strategy and business development firm. The company is heavily invested in rail and are now one of the top 3 companies in the industry. Before this, Beltyukov was an associate and then an Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company. Along with his masters in business that he earned by INSEAD in Fontainebleau in France, Beltyukov has made a name for himself as the Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD and a member of the Advisory Counsel for the Ministry of Economy, more specifically in the Special Economic Zones Department.

One of the recent developments coming from Beltyukov is coming out of California. His newest endeavor is called SOLVY and it debuted in 2015 at the Educator Day for the EdSurge tech conference in Los Angeles. The program is showing promising results for users.  Find more on Alexei’s career on his CrunchBase.

What Actually is The US Money Reserve Penny

For the past several years, it has been a question on whether or not the penny has any real value. Phil Diehl who is the former Director of the U.S. Mint and the current president of coin distributor U.S. Money Reserve, is completely against the production of the penny.

Mr. Diehl explained on CNBC Squawk Box that he believes that the penny costs too much to produce for what it is actually worth. The cost of producing one penny which is one cent is 1.8 cents which equates to millions of dollars that is lost to making pennies annually.

Mr. Diehl has received several protests against eliminating the penny. One argument is the fact that the elimination of the penny could lead to inflation of the United States’ economy. In response to this argument, Mr. Diehl states that this has been a concern for the past 25 years by penny lobbyists to keep the penny.

Mr. Diehl then continues with a counter argument that in present day 75 percent of all transactions are now through electronic devices such as apps and credit cards. The remaining 25 percent of cash transactions would not be hugely affected by raising or lowering the prices of products due to the elimination of the penny.

Mr. Diehl continues by stating that in response to the elimination of the penny companies would likely round the prices down rather than round up. This action would be done to keep the customers happy instead of aggravating them with an increase in the product price.

Those who want to protect the penny include private interest groups that make the penny blanks. Among these private interests groups are the zinc lobbyists that produce 97.5 percent of what the penny is made out of. In addition to this, a private interest group called American’s for Common Cents has continued to protect the idea of the penny.

The argument that this group uses is that organizations such as charities would be negatively affected because there would be less pocket change donated to organizations. In addition to this, the idea of “rounding tax” would negatively affect consumers.