ClassDojo is the Best app for Parents, Teachers and Students


ClassDojo is growing in popularity in America since it was founded in 2011. It is a communication platform that promotes communication between parents, teachers, and students. It is an app that enables parents and teachers to be part of a “teaching team” and learn how their students are performing when they are at school.

The teacher snaps photos and takes videos of the students, and they upload it on the app. On the other end, the parents are then able to view how their children are doing and behaving at school. Through this, the community is created, and an active culture is improved with classrooms and the schools at large. The app was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in 2011 and currently two out of three schools are using the app. It has grown outside America, as well, to more than 180 countries.

The latest series of funding brought $21 million for the company, making the total of $31 million since its inception. The application enables teachers and schools to make it create close-knit communities where teachers, parents, and students can work together as a team. ClassDojo has improved the progress in education by making learning and teaching more personalized in ways that students love.

ClassDojo has a well-organized team that involves engineers, educators, and designers all over the world. They have great experience in public and charter schools and from other prestigious companies like Facebook, Google and Y Combinator. 

The mission of the company is to empower teachers, parents, and students to change education from the ground-up. The first step in doing that was to help create amazing cultures within classrooms, while creating a home-school connection. Teachers love it so much they’ve spread it entirely through word-of-mouth – which makes its growth similar to other platforms like Facebook and SnapChat.  

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Protect Your Online Image

The internet is a wild and dangerous place when you don’t know how to treat it with respect. Many folks who have grown up with the internet look at it like it is a utility that has always been there and thus is infinitely safer to use. Those of us who came before the internet was prevalent know better. That is why Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher is making such a killing as one of the leaders in online reputation management. Fisher came into popularity thanks to his steadfast support of internet privacy rights and now he is dropping tips on how to keep you safe online.

Fisher starts by saying that you need to keep your personal data as far away from the internet as possible. Whether you intend to become a public figure in the future or merely don’t want your public dealings on the internet, you need to focus on how you are being represented. Contact websites that host your personal data and request that it be removed. Go ahead and lock down social media accounts by initiating high privacy standards. Whatever you need to do in order to curtail your digital breadcrumb trail is necessary.

Next you need to get into the habit of searching yourself on various web search engines, like Google and Bing. Look up keywords related to your name or your popular email and then see what starts coming up. You need to be aware of what information is getting leaked out in order to put a stop to it. Once you have an idea as to what info is out there you can begin to start nail down the hatches even tighter around you.

Finally you need to be prepared to take action in case something does go wrong with your image on the internet. That is where Status Labs would come into play. Status Labs specializes in getting ahead of digital PR quagmires by helping steer the flow of conversation. CEO Darius Fisher has years of experience with public officials, private citizens, and celebrities from just about all over the globe.

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New Marc Sparks Book Offers ’50 Sparks To Success’

There’s a common misconception that the most successful business people and entrepreneurs come from Ivy League business schools. The truth is that when it comes to success, what really matters is having the drive and the tools required to reach your goals. Veteran businessman Marc Sparks believes in that road to success and he lays out his “50 Sparks to Success” plan in his new book “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success.”

Marc Sparks is a self-professed “C+ student” who managed to build a successful career in business. He’s worked with more than sixty startups, ranging from restaurants to insurance offices. Marc’s company, Timber Creek Capital, invests in companies very early, because he believes that the time to make mistakes and build value is early in a company’s history.

In his book (sold on Amazon), he shares his business experiences, both good and bad. He discusses at length what it was like to start an insurance company in your bedroom and then build it onto a $1 billion business.

Before losing it all in less than 90 days. Through his challenges, he’s learned some hard lessons about what is required to be a success and he’s developed his “50 Sparks” program that helps readers work their way through the steps required to become the success they believe they can be –

While there are no guarantees in life (or in business), anyone’s best chance for success is to listen to the people who have experienced the ups and downs of life. Get details at Marc Sparks · Profile · Disqus

Marc Sparks is that rare businessman who has both the experience and the willingness to share it with others. If you’re going to buy one book to help you build your business, you’ll want to buy “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success.”

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Wealth Solutions, the unrivaled investment advisory firm

The current trend with many homeowners is to rent rooms or even the entire apartment or home to short-term tenants and travelers using online rental platforms like Airbnb. Through the income they can purchase luxurious real estate property or supplement their income. Most of the people do not consider the legal and financial implications that amateur hoteliers have to take.

Insurance issues to consider before joining the Short-term rental game

1. Homeowner’s policies do not cover short-term rentals
The insurance policy taken by the homeowner does not protect the liabilities associated with the guests. Most insurance companies interpret short-term rentals as a commercial project and therefore exclude the claims from your home policy. When claiming for compensation, it is advisable to inform Airbnb, least the claim is canceled. Homeowners are advised to either upgrade their existing policies or take a business liability policy. The other option is to ensure the guests using the premises are insured with the homeowner or rental policy.

2. Tenants come with many risks
Tenants pose numerous liabilities to the homeowner. The risks include theft, injuries to the guest or someone else from the family, illegal activities, etc. Many local authorities require the people offering beds and breakfast to pay special taxes, have a commercial license, and submit to inspections
3. The protection offered by most rental platforms is not enough
A firm like Airbnb gives a $1 million guarantee to every host. This guarantee is not like an insurance company, and a person may suffer in the event of peril. The guarantee is only applicable when all other means to recoup the loss are exhausted. It also excludes some losses. The majority of the rental platforms disclaim the responsibility for protecting the guest or the host from trouble. Homeowners don’t want to be the ones testing the policies in lawsuits.

The desire to supplement income is a wise idea. However, it is advisable to inform your legal and insurance providers and get their professional advice.

Richard Blair is an investment advisor at Wealth Solutions Inc. He went to the University of Houston where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in finance. He is the executive and sole proprietor of Wealth Solutions Inc. The firm is based in Austin, TX. He developed this firm with an aim of providing independent advice. Richard Blair enjoys helping others accomplish their personal financial objectives.

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Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner: Does It Work?

If you are a fan of hair products, you’ve probably heard of the popular hair care line called WEN hair. The creator, Chaz Dean made this line to increase your overall hair health. With several varieties that each hold their benefits for specific hair types, Wen has ingredients that will transform your hair. In a recent article, a woman discusses how her hair changed after using the sephora marketed cleansing conditioner for one week.
The Wen Hair Cleansing conditioner comes in different kinds depending on the type of hair you have. It’s an all in on shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment- pretty convenient, right?! In a recent article a young woman decides to try out this popular product for one week to see what happens. Overall, she ends up finding that it does transform your hair: her normally thin, and hard to style hair was now softer and shinier than ever before. Her friends could recognize a difference, and the pictures say it all. One tip she gave to her facebook followers was that you should use the product in the morning for best results. People who wash their hair at night could end up having increased oily roots. To see how her hair transformed, visit:

After challenging the product, she came to find that it, indeed, helped boost her hair health. Soft, shinier and increased volume was exactly what she had been hoping for. As long as she continues to wash and style her hair with Wen, her hair will be at its best! Read more:

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Helane Morrison Shatters Corporate Sterotypes

In the corporate world Helane Morrison shatters stereotypes of women. In finance, she has conducted business with integrity and honesty. This takes a special type of person in an industry known for corruption. In working in journalism and the government she has worked hard to stop corruption and protect the victims.

In finance, Helane is known for wanting to expose corrupt brokers and change the way business is conducted. She has worked in the industry for over 30 years. In 2007 government bailouts of banks and other institutions shook the trust of everyone in financial institutions.

Helane received a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. She attended the California Berkley School of Law where she received a Juris Doctor degree. Helane worked as editor on the university’s law review pursuing this degree. When she passed the bar she gained valuable experience working as a law clerk in the US Court of Appeals.

After she worked as a law clerk, she worked for a Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun. He was an advocate of women’s right and made many changes to abortion laws. He was committed to stopping harmful and discriminatory institutions. When working for him, Helane Morrison developed a passion for justice and equality. She worked for him from 1985 to 1986.

In 1986, she joined the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemervoski, Canady, Falk, and Rabkin. She specialized in business litgation and private securities. She focused on exposing violations to security laws and helping those that were victims. Eventually she oversaw a staff of one hundred. In 1991, she was made full partner. Her investigations of corrupt brokers and traders resulted in legal action.

She worked for the government in San Francisco at the US Securities and Exchange and protected corporations and individuals against fraud. Helane made sure that all financial dealings were ethical and fair. During this time, she headed many financial fraud cases against major corporations and worked to help protect seniors against fraud. Helane became Head of Commission and Regional Director of SEC.

Appalled by the lack of women leadership in finance, she joined Hall Capital. It was one of the largest financial and investment firm in San Francisco. This firm is completely run by women and Morrison was excited about the ethical culture there. The company looks for resiliency and flexibility in employees. They makes sure all investments made are ethical and honest. The company expects regulatory compliance from all workers and integrity.

Helane Morrison volunteers her time to organizations like animal rights, the environment and legal association that protect consumers financial rights. She knows what work life balance is.

An Insight into Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten’s Industry Experience

Investment banks play a big role of advising and meeting the financial needs of various public and private corporations. The core services of investment banks include underwriting debts and securities of various entities, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, guiding the issuance and placement of stocks and facilitating the sale of securities. Investment banks also provide financial advice and financial asset management services on behalf of clients. Since the services provided by investment banks cover a wide area of operation, various departments have been created to cater to all the niche markets.

A typical investment bank has finance, investment research, merchant banking, investment banking, compliance, securities and trading, information risk management and private equity banking departments. Investment banks are generally divided into two main categories, Tier 1 and Tier 2. These classifications are made based on the size of the firm. In terms of career, candidates who have obtained bachelors or masters degree, but have no prior experience in investment banking can apply to work as investment banking analysts. On the other hand, candidates with an MBA and the relevant industry experience can apply to work as associates.

About Martin Lustgarten
Martin Lustgarten is the CEO at Lustgarten Martin, an investment banking firm based in Florida. Lustgarten’s successful streak in the industry has seen him build an impressive client portfolio around the world. The firm is already a huge financier of various companies, most of which are based in Venezuela. The investment banking firm offers a number of services including underwriting, facilitating mergers and acquisition, providing financial advice and acting as an intermediary in security issuance among other core services.

Although investment banking is a highly competitive industry, however, professionals like Martin have excelled by providing solutions that cover various market segments. In his spare time, Lustgarten is a keen collector of vintage items. He also spends some of his time supporting various communal causes. One of his latest Gofundme campaign aims to raise money to save and give a new lease of life to shelter dogs in Florida placed on the so called “death row”. Martin Lustgarten has a family with two children.

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Twitter: @mlustgarten2

Charles Koch Financier and Philanthropist

According to Charles Koch, Donald Trump would be a more effective candidate concentrating on simply discussing politics and reveal his solutions on confronting major issues that handicap and affect the nation, this should be the integral focal point of Donald Trump’s desire to win the presidential election this coming November.

Discussing,criticizing and badgering Hillary Clinton is counter productive for Donald Trump,as opposed to speaking about approaching challenges he will undoubtedly have to face head on in the main election.

Charles Koch has been in the center of the political arena many years and is considered as one of the intellectual brains of the conservative movement,contrary to popular belief that he supports the Republican Death Star.

Some people are commenting that Trump’s primary victory is perceived as redefining the Republican Party, however that is an exaggerated statement.

It is quite possible that if Donald Trump does not find the niche that is required for his uplifting then it is presumed that he will simply be remembered as an amusing periphery nominee.

Charles Koch was born November 1,1935 in Wichita, Kansas,one of four sons. He is a financier, political donor and a philanthropist as well as proprietor and chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries where he became president in 1967 and his brother David is Executive Vice President.

This is a family business created by his father Fred Koch. Initially,the business concentrating specifically on refineries and chemicals,currently it encompasses process and pollution control equipment and technologies, polymers, fibers, minerals, fertilizer products, commerce, forest and consumer commodities and ranching.

Charles Koch was educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attained his Bachelor of Science degree in general engineering in 1957, as well as a Master of Science in mechanical engineering in 1958, along with a second Master of Science in chemical engineering in 1960.
Koch Industries is regarded to be the second largest privately possessed enterprise in the United States.

In 2014, according to Forbes Magazine, Charles Koch was stratified as the ninth wealthiest individuals on the planet, a billionaire with assets of 50 billion dollars.


John Goullet Brings Innovation and Leadership to Diversant

John Goullet is widely recognized as an innovative entrepreneur and shrewd businessman. As the Principal of Diversant, John Goullet continues to be a leader in the IT field and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this prestigious position. Diversant is a premier IT staffing firm located in the U.S. that is a certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). Although the IT staffing firm has grown into a nationally recognized company, it maintains a personal commitment to excellent customer service and attention to detail to meet all of its customers’ needs. Goullet has been instrumental in the growth an innovation of Diversant from its inception to its widespread recognition in the IT industry today.

Before Goullet became a leader in the field of IT staffing, he worked as an IT consultant and gained valuable experience in the field. Ever since he switched over to the field of IT staffing in 1994, Goullet has outpaced his peers in the industry and is a constant source of growth and innovation. Part of what made Goullet stand out as a leader in IT staffing was that he was able to identify trends in the market and propose solutions to capitalize on them before others were even aware they existed. It was this vision and leadership that launched Goullet into founding Info Technologies. In only five short years, Goullet was able to grow the company to a whopping $30 million private enterprise. Gene Weddy, the current Chief Executive Officer of Diversant, merged his business with Info Technologies to form Diversant LLC with Goullet in 2010.

Under the direction of Goullet, Diversant developed a unique approach to IT staffing that puts a true emphasis on the actual needs of the clients. Rather than forcing the resume of an IT consultant to fit a particular job description, Diversant searches far and wide to find the right IT consultants to meet its clients’ staffing needs. Because Diversant has such a wide network of both IT consultants and company clients, it is able to choose from far and wide to make the most suitable IT consultant matches for its clients.

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How Keith Mann Is Helping Young Students

As parents reflect on the future of their children, they know that it is their duty to help them to be a little more successful than they were. But sometimes, that is very difficult to accomplish. College can be expensive. It may be that many parents cannot afford to put their children through college. However, in the United States, those who work hard can get ahead. That is why Keith Mann is offering a scholarship to those who work hard. One student every year who has a lot of potential and has exhibited a pattern of diligence will receive a boost in life, ensuring that they will have a bright future.

The scholarship that Mann has established is for the Uncommon Charter High School. The school is very pleased with it. It guarantees that at least one of their students will be able to go on to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree. In an effort to find the best student, those who apply are challenged to write a 1000 word essay about their future endeavors and what they plan to accomplish in the world of business. Ensuring that these students know what the value of their education and how an education will help them, they are assigned to write about what a college education will do to assist them in their business endeavors.

Keith is a philanthropist. This means that the core of his identity is related to promoting and enhancing the well-fare of other people. He wants others to be able to reach their potential. Even if he cannot give everybody a scholarship, he still wants all of these students to find potential in themselves.

That is basically what Mr. Mann has spend his career laboring for. In his daily life, he is the CEO and founder of Dynamic Search Parters. He hopes to share his success with other people.

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