Flavio Maluf’s Views about the UK’s Departure from the EU

Everyone had a different opinion after Britons voted to end their association with the European Union in late June. The immediate effect of the Brexit vote was a massive drop within the stock markets throughout Europe. The Sterling similarly devalued and reached its lowest value in more than twenty years. Brazilian corporate executive, Flavio Maluf is among individuals who think that the referendum will translate into long-term impacts on the world’s economy.

Mr. Maluf states that the referendum will impact Britain’s economy first. In 2014, the country contributed 11.3 billion pounds to the EU. In return, it received more than 6.9 billion pounds. This is a significant amount, which can have an inflation effect on the country. The entire union will also be faced with reduced investment. There will be no more freedom in the movement of people and goods throughout Europe, something that can bring negative results to the continent.

Maluf points out that Brazil needs to realign its global trade policy, so that it gains from the separation. It should start partnering with Britain. In the past, interactions between the two countries were limited by EU trade tariffs. At the moment, the United Kingdom is not Brazil’s major trading partner. Less than 2 percent of Brazilian products are exported to Britain. Bilateral agreements must be formed to boost trade between the two countries. This will translate into huge economic benefits for both nations.

Flavio Maluf in Brief

Mr. Maluf is one of the most prominent Brazilian businessmen. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). This is one of the leading institutes of higher education among Portuguese speaking countries. Mr. Maluf serves as the president of Eucatex and GrandFood. These are some of the largest conglomerates in South America. Flavio is credited with helping them dominate different spheres of the Brazilian economy. Besides his role at the two firms, he has been staunch in advocating the use of technology to teach students. Mr. Maluf is also an avid columnist on major Portuguese publications. His well-researched and articulated articles address various social, political and economic issues. Flavio’s father Paulo Maluf, is one of the most vocal Brazilian politicians.  Be sure to read Flavio’s personal blog.

Sam Tabar Is Named COO of Full Cycle Energy

Sam Tabar, a prominent financial strategist from New York City, was recently the object of media attention because of his promotion to Chief Operating Officer of the Full Cycle Energy Fund. The businessman has served in several similar positions and is expected to perform extremely well in his new position. Sam Tabar is expected to add momentum to an already rapidly growing company. Sam Tabar was asked about his feelings regarding his new position at Full Cycle Energy and stated that he was excited to go to work for a company he believed in and looked forward to improving the company in the coming years.

Sam Tabar was excited to begin working for Full Cycle Energy because of the work the company participates in. Full Cycle Energy is devoted to the development of natural fueling sources through the use of human waste. The goal of the company is to create sustainable resources that promote national self reliance and create positive emissions to reduce the carbon footprint of the world. Sam Tabar was particularly interested in joining the company when he learned of the positive research the company was conducting. Tabar has stated that he looks forward to working with a company that is actively participating in the betterment of the society at large.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Full Cycle Energy, Sam Tabar will be handling the financial aspects of the company. Important marketing, investing, and portfolio decisions will be accessed through Tabar’s expertise in these areas. Tabar has stated that he is extremely pleased to be using his financial expertise to advance the goals of this company. When asked questions regarding how his specific role is helping to build sustainable energy sources, Sam Tabar described the nature of large companies. Tamar stated that without financial advisors and businessmen who direct the management side of the business, research teams would not be able to receive the proper funding to complete their research. Sam Tabar expressed his belief that all roles in a business relationship are beneficial. More information on Sam Tabar’s merger with Full Cycle Energy can be found in the original report which was published on PR Newswire.

Dr. Weisfogel – Three Areas of Interest

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in the New Jersey area who owns his own practice. He has been involved in many areas of interest and has pursued many ventures. He recently started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for an organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile was founded in 1984 by Bill and Kathy Magee. They had their first mission stationed in the Philippines. It is a charity that travels throughout the world providing facial surgeries from patients that suffer from deformities of the face or mouth along with cleft palate and cleft lip repair. Dr. Avi Wesifogel has donated $2000.00 to get the campaign started. He is passionate about the charity and its organization foundation because of what Operation Smile stands for. They have always made it a passion to help young children by performing dental procedures and showing them that there is always hope for their future. Not only do the instill hope in all of their patients, but they treat them as if they are their own, and this is something important to the patient as well as the volunteers that are helping with the procedures. Operations Smile works with local medical offices as well as government agencies to help each patient with their needs.

Not only is Dr. Weisfogel very active in many different charities, but he also has a love for music. He recently took up a new love for hip hop music. You can find many of his newest tunes, along with his older jams on Soundcloud.com.

Dr. Weisfogel has found himself to be a very busy man with many different interests, however, he has started his own program called the Dental Sleep Masters. It’s a program that is dedicated to education medical offices and helping them identify patient’s with sleep disorders. It has become a very successful company that has offered exceptional services to many dentists offices. Thousands of people throughout the world suffer from sleep disorders and many dentists can spot the symptoms and help the patients correct their sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel also promotes an oral device that can be placed in the mouth while sleep to correct obstructions.

George Soros and His Stance on the Relationship Between the EU and the Ukraine

A Brief Biographical Look at the Powerful Billionaire, George Soros

Recently, George Soros contributed an article to the Project Syndicate about how the European Union’s aid and friendship to the Ukraine would be for the greater good for all of Europe. His advice regarding politics and finance is well respected because he stands a titan of wealth and influence. George Soros is the founder of both the Soros Fund and the Open Society foundation, and he chairs both of them as well. Those are hardly his only accomplishments though. In addition to those organizations, he is a respected author of many financial books, like The New Paradigm of Financial Markets, The Alchemy of Finance, The Tragedy of the European Union and many more globally renowned titles. He is the founder of both the Soros Fund and the Open Society Foundation, and he chairs both of them too.

Those are hardly his only accomplishments. In his 86 years Soros has survived the holocaust, helped rebuild the Russia after the civil war and amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune. It is all these things, which are the reasons George Soros probably knows what he is talking about with the Ukraine and the European Union. the sections below will recap his article concerning the situation.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

George Soros – Project Syndicate

A Recap of the Analysis George Soros Gave on the EU and the Ukrainian Elections

In May 2014, the Ukraine held a presidential election about the the same time the EU Parliament did, and the results were complete opposites of each other. Even though the elections are over two years old now, they may hold greater importance than ever because of the feelings the citizens of European Union. George Soros was trying to highlight how important what happened in the Ukraine was.

The people of the Ukraine demonstrated how deeply they wanted the EU to continue to exist and run, along with their overall satisfaction, but the people of the European Union’s votes spoke volumes about their unhappiness with the entire system, and the unhappiness has grown to contempt for at least half of the citizens. George Soros essentially hinted about how helping the Ukraine would point out the relevancy and value of the European Union, and the addition of more members would ultimately be beneficial for all of Europe.

Constantly Unfolding Results of the Failed European Union Experiment

George Soros believed the European Union was failing and Russia’s growing strength was a danger to Europe militarily and economically, and this analysis was given two years ago. It is failing badly, mostly due to the immigration controversy, which was the main reason the Brexit campaign was successful, and it is why other nations want referendums. While the EU leaders and George Soros believe diversity is the long-term key to Europe’s success, Vladimir Putin is powering Russia and his position through a type of religious and ethnic nationalism supported by the vast Orthodox Church. Since 2014, Russia has grown stronger through nationalism, nationalism is on the rise in Europe and George Soros predicted all of it.

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The Foundation of Organo Gold

As the coffee industry is an industry that has exponentially growing over the past 500 years, one company in particular has created a new product line that offers consumers a choice of delicious and healthy products that are made for individuals who live active lives and who put an emphasis on health. This company is known as Organo Gold and was founded by Bernardo Chua is 2008 for the purpose of creating a product that not only taste great, but also can improve the mind and the body of the consumers. Bernardo Chua wanted to create the product as a healthy and cheap way to provide nutrients to the body that can be hard to obtain especially when living in an impoverished region. Bernardo Chua is not only proud of his product, but is also proud of the fact that his product will save the lives and the money of millions of consumers around the world.

What makes this company unique is the fact that this company is a direct sales company. As Mr. Chua is a leader of the direct sales industry, he decided to base his new empire around this model. This not only allows for the consumers to also be distributors to make more money, but also allows for the consumer to buy the product from someone that they trust. This type of company has given over a million jobs to individuals around the world. The only requirement to join the Organo Gold family is to love the product the is sold.

Bernardo Chua, as a coffee enthusiast, decided to create a delicious cup of coffee that provides multiple health benefits to the body. Mr. Chua has also incorporated other products into the company which include body lotions, tea, as well as hot chocolate. In recent news, as a way to motivate the distributors to sell and the consumers to buy, Mr. Chua has recently incorporated a new rewards program which makes the purchasing of the products cheaper and makes the customer service even better. Those who remain loyal to the company have stated to feel treated like royalty.

The Success of White Shark Media

During the 21st century, there has been an emphasis on digital technological solutions as well as the constant connection between the consumers and the producers. With this in mind, many producers have been not only been having a digital presence, but has also put an emphasis on providing relevant information as well as reviews that have been made available to the consumers all around the world.


One company in particular has been officially established for the purpose of offering unique and innovative solutions to companies that are looking to increase their digital presence in a wide variety of competitive industries.

White Shark Media Review team is a digital marketing agency offers solutions that are specifically tailored for the client who requests assistance. The marketing solutions that are provided are specifically tailored for both the medium and small businesses.

This is done in order to keep a personal partnership and to dedicate much of the innovative digital solutions to that of the customer. As one of the fastest digital agencies in the country, this agency continues to grow to become the best source of expert advice for any business in various industries.

The mission of the client becomes the mission of the consultant firm at White Shark Media.

Thanks to this company, thousands of businesses have been able to establish a digital presence while teaching the clients marketing tools to use in order to further grow the business.

Some of the techniques that are used to build each and every client include Google Analytics Integration, competitive intelligence and propriety reporting software. All of these provided installations provide each and every client with full accountability each and every month.

Thanks to the ability to also track the clients, White Shark Media is able to track the success of the clients in regards to the business as well as the competitive edge that it has within the industry.

This expert company was officially founded in 2011 for the purpose of offering advice to clients and businesses to make a business faster, most efficient, as well as profiting. With over 150 employees that are located in over three different countries around the world, this consultant business has plans to continue to grow.

This company wants to offer both innovative as well as cost-effective solutions that keeps not only the business owners satisfied, but also the employees happy and continuously involved in the company with a specific vision of their own.