Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, He is a Scoundrel After All

Kyle Bass, a onetime favorite hedge-funder is being seen in a different light these days. Bass predicted the 2008 mortgage crisis and for some time appeared to have the “magic touch” in regard to making money and predicting the market. However, as of late, his true colors have been showing. From his relationship with Argentina’s former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to his handling of the GM airbag cases, and now the pharmaceutical patent suits, Bass is truly showing his true motives. It is clear that protecting his own investment is much more important than anything or anyone else.

Amid numerous accusations, former Argentina President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner receives nothing but praise from Kyle Bass. After defaulting on Argentina’s sovereign debt, Bass has defended her actions which led to the default. He even went as far as to criticize companies that insisted on full payment of debt, calling these companies “immoral” and suggesting that they were holding Argentina hostage and keeping the citizens of Argentina from progressing. This said to the companies owed instead of putting blame where it should be with Kirchner.

Another demonstration of the faulty character of Bass was the way in which he handled the GM airbag law suit. In an effort to protect his investments in GM, Bass truly showed himself for the slime that he is. GM was charged with having defective airbags that killed several passengers. What did Bass do? Well, he went on national TV and tried to place the blame from the faulty airbags to the victims. He stooped so low to say that the victims were either drunk or had not been wearing seatbelts.

Once again, Bass is making headlines. This time his target is on pharmaceutical firms. He is teaming with the “world’s most notorious patent troll,” Erich Spangenberg. The scheme this time is to short-sell the pharmaceutical firms stock, then challenge for their patents via the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which was set up for this purpose. Bass has tried to make people that his motives are for the people and that this will cause pharmaceuticals to go down. Although the reality is that when the stocks go down, Bass moves in, then prices go up and the funds for medical research go down. This sick scheme of his actually harms millions who rely on these products to treat symptoms or even prolong their lives.

There is no depth deep enough for Kyle Bass to sink. These schemes have brought unfavorable notoriety to the once star of finances. His reputation is deteriorating with good cause after affiliating with Argentina’s Kirchner, to blaming innocent victims, and now his actions are taking away much needed pharmaceutical.

Fox News Steers Interview To Sway The Poorly Educated, Gets Schooled By Thor Halvorssen

Donald Trump recently said that he loves the poorly educated in a campaign speech. It may turn out that poorly educated voters support Donald Trump. And unfortunately, poorly educated voters can be swayed by the national media very easily. Fox News may have been aiming at these poorly educated voters in a recent interview with Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

The subject of the interview was socialism, but Thor Halvorssen may have not known that beforehand. In fact, he probably didn’t. It seems kind of silly for the conservative news network to bring on a famous human rights activist to define a form of government. After all, Thor Halvorssen’s area of expertise is human rights and human rights violations, especially those committed by authoritarian dictators throughout the world.

The interview begins suspiciously, with the Fox News anchor asking why socialism violates basic human rights. It doesn’t, he said. He then thoughtfully explains that socialism is a tool, and like all tools it can be used for good or bad. The banner below the interview then begins to read “Socialism Violates Rights”. Thor Halvorssen has to dig in and explain socialism to the hostess and the viewers of Fox News. He’s cut off. The anchor does not want to get “bogged down in details” and quickly tries to get the human rights activist to say socialism is evil. If they can persuade a few low information voters, Fox News can guarantee less votes for the insurgent campaign of Bernie Sanders.

But the network may have pushed film producter Thor Halvorssen a bit too far. He counterattacks with the fact that he supports Bernie Sanders and has donated $2700 to the Democratic Socialists campaign. It makes sense. Thor Halvorssen, like Bernie Sanders, has spent years fighting for equality and justice and has gone against the mainstream to expose corruption at any level. He continued to express concern over Hillary Clinton, who he claims has taken millions of dollars in campaign contributions from countries like Saudi Arabia which violate human rights. The shocked anchor then wraps up the interview quickly so those low information voters do not get swayed by Thor Halvorssen’s humanity

QNET Creates Opportunities for Women and Their Entrepreneurial Ambitions

The modern day woman desires to be independent and successful in balancing aspects of both life and work. As women we seek to prove the stereotypes wrong, never again to be secluded by the preset societal roles. Measures have been put in place to ensure equal opportunities but current market conditions aren’t quite favorable. As a result of this, the direct selling industry becomes our solace. It offers easy, quick and low risk opportunities to propel our entrepreneurial ambitions.

Importance of Providing Opportunities for Women

The United States Agency International Development (USAID) has emphasized the need to mentor women to become leaders. It has further elaborated that for societies to thrive; girls and women require access to healthcare, technology and education. It has also added that women ought to have control over lands, resources and markets.

QNET is one of the key players in direct selling. It offers low risk opportunities for women everywhere. QNET believes that through empowering young women entrepreneurs, a positive ripple effect will be felt in families and surrounding communities.

Developing Young Women Entrepreneurs

QNET has made strides in support of this cause. In a recent account by the MENA Regional General Manager, Khaled Diab, it was clear that QNET has always been a proud supporter of women’s rights and gender equality. She further explains that the Direct Selling Association is majorly comprised of women with statistics showing 74.4 percent occupancy.

Women should join QNET’s team of direct sellers. It will not only maximize earnings but also allow an effective work-life balance through flexible individual schedules. QNET also offers products relating to women’s health, wellness and beauty. The products include: Swiss-made luxury lady watches and skin care products such as the Physio Radiance.

QNET Profile

Its products fall under: health and wellness, education, holidays, technology, personal care as well as luxury goods. QNET offers its products through its e-commerce platform to its customers in more than 100 countries. The company owns over 25 agencies and offices worldwide with active stockists.

QNET plays a part in the Direct Selling Association within countries such as Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. It remains a proud member of the Health Food Association in Hong Kong as well as Singapore’s Health Supplements Industry Association. QNET is actively involved in sports; it recently offered to sponsor the Manchester City Football Club becoming their official direct selling partner.

Follow QNET on Twitter to learn more about the company.

Mizzou Professor Melissa Click Aims to Reform Image

The internet can be called the great equalizer for a ton of reasons. It gives a voice to the oppressed and makes it possible to spread information faster than ever before in history. Unfortunately the internet can also be abused and an ill timed poor moment can go viral, thus marking you for the rest of your life. Missouri Professor Melissa Click found this out first hand when an ill phrased remark was recorded before quickly going viral on the internet.

The setting was a frantic and loud student protest occurring on campus at the University of Missouri. Student journalists and other national reporters were on location to capture the events. Melissa Click, standing between the protesters and journalists, apparently lost her temper when a journalist kept pushing in on her. Click called for ‘muscle’ to help remove the journalist and the scene only escalated from there. The remarks did not land well when they were replayed millions of times on the internet and the professor soon found herself suspended and fired, pending an investigation.

Since the fateful day Click has seen her life dragged through the mud by various politicians and organizations. While her remarks were, without a doubt, terrible are they really the sort of words that should ruin an otherwise spotless 12 year career? Click certainly doesn’t think so and that’s why she quickly turned for help to the Texas based PR firm, Status Labs.

CEO Darius Fisher is a staunch supporter of our right to privacy and so he stood up for the Ashley Madison members even when nobody else would. In that same vein we see that Status Labs is supporting Click, another embattled individual who may be getting the short end of the stick in regards to public relations.

Darius Fisher believes that Click is being unfairly prosecuted and he is working at the forefront to spearhead a PR overhaul for Melissa Click. It remains to be see if Click will save her job, however.

OrganoGold is Trying to Accomplish Something Different

There is a fungi that grows on the trunks of living or dead trees. This shelf mushroom is named ganoderma lucidum and is an ancient Chinese herb. The value of ganoderma lucidum inspired a man named Bernardo Chua, of Chinese descent, to find a way to bring this Chinese herb to the masses. You can see from Facebook history that Bernardo Chua moved from the Philippines and started a company with this vision named OrganoGold. He started with a small store in Canada and has grown his dream into a worldwide network marketing company. Selling coffee, tea, and cocoa products, nutritional supplements, and personal care products all infused with ganoderma lucidum.

Adding ganoderma to the products is a process where the mushrooms are dried out and then ground up to a very fine powder which is then added to OrganoGold’s products. The mushrooms grown by OrganoGold are grown organically and not in the mass produced process which takes some of the strength out of the mushrooms. It has been believed for hundreds of years that ganoderma has incredible medicinal benefits. The ganoderma lucidum used in OrganoGold’s products has been shown to be an antioxidant, lower cholesterol, and boost immunity. But that is just the tip of the iceberg as this amazingly beneficial herb continues to be researched by OrganoGold to find more of its benefits.

As a direct marketing company OrganoGold gives individuals the opportunity to build a business with their products. CrunchBase shows with Mr. Chua’s extensive background in direct sales, the company is consistently growing. Bernardo Chua is one of the most prestigious businessmen in the Pacific Rim and he is constantly looking to educate himself and his company on ganoderma’s benefits while also staying ahead of his competition.

Premier Living Facility The Manse On Marsh Offers Enhanced Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities have been given a bad rap for many years, however there is one man looking to change the way people look at retirement communities. Chris Skiff, owner and founder of The Manse on Marsh, has spent his entire career helping seniors continue living an affordable and active life whether they live in his retirement communities or not. After graduating with honors from UCLA Skiff worked with one of California’s top developers and helped develop affordable apartments for seniors. Skiff has been involved in multiple retirement communities since, but his prize center The Manse on Marsh has been the recipient of multiple service awards including the title of Premier Assisted and Independent Living Community on California’s Central Coast.

The Manse on Marsh is located in downtown San Luis Obispo in a gated community over looking the beautiful California landscape. Manse on Marsh offers more than your run-of-the-mill retirement community and it starts with the choice of housing. Depending on the type of assistance you need or your preference the blog indicates the Manse on Marsh offers studio, one and two bedroom attached apartments with a living room, fireplace, cable television, microwave, and mini-fridge. For residents looking for something bigger they have separate homes and cottages with up to three bedrooms.

The level of independence is up to each resident, but added assistance can be added at will if needed. Regardless of which program residents are enrolled in, either independent or assisted, every resident is given a medical pendant they can use at any time during the day or night in case of emergency. Indeed shows a registered nurse is on staff 24/7 as well as a licensed medical technician. Transportation to and from doctors appointments are included in the housing fees as well.

For residence enrolled in the assisted living program they are given five discreet check-ins on top of the daily check-ins every resident is given. Residents may choose how much assistance they want in compliance with their doctor, and the employees at Manse on Marsh understand how important discretion is to their residents during any assistance given.

General residential fees upon joining the lively community include three meal tickets a day, laundry services, turn down services, and trash removal. When dining residents are treated to a bistro style restaurant located in the beautiful community atrium which also houses the salons, home theater, and library. A variety of classes are offered daily to residents so they are able to continue living an active and healthy lifestyle through their golden years.  Be sure to follow The Manse on Marsh on Twitter for further info.

Martin Lustgarten’s Successful Influence on Investment Banking

Investment banking as the name suggests is a branch under the banking industry which helps people, organizations, companies and governments invest their money to raise more capital. Investment banks are quite popular because of the services they offer.

Unlike commercial banking, investment banking does not take the clients money and deposit it safely, rather it benefits from taking risks. Investment banks raise their capital through selling of securities and giving of investment advice.

The services offered by investment banks can simply be classified into two categories. One department involves giving of informed advice to companies and entrepreneurs who want to invest their money in stock markets. The second category includes managing of money and accounts of other firms or companies to sell securities. They participate in acquisition of properties, determine value of companies and help in merging companies.

Most investment firms or banks have a front office that deals with giving advice and conducting market research. The middle office then deals with management of risks while the back office deals with the other operations.

Investment banking is quite tricky and involves taking great risks. Failure to have well researched information for clients and poor strategies leads to automatic failure. Taking of reckless risk led to the major financial crisis in 2008. This led to clients being keener on only taking well calculated risks. The investment banker must be able to study markets, make correct predictions and understand consequences of events. In this field, the more successful an investment banker is, the more their reputation and clientele grows. One of the top most recommended investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten.

Martin Lustgarten’s impact on investment banking

Martin Lustgarten has earned his reputation in the world of investment banking through mentoring of successful investment bankers and delivering of individualized services to his client. His work has consistently produced financially successful outcomes. He established a culture around investment banking where interest of clients is put first before acquisition of profit.

With his vast experience and skills, Martin started Lustgarten Martin invest banking firm that is based in Florida. He is the CEO and the firm has the reputation of pulling successful deals and is a top most sought firm.

Dog Food Companies are Coming Up With Premium Innovations

One thing that is very important when it comes to taking care of dogs is dog food. Some of the best dog food companies realize this which is why they are providing some of the most innovative approaches to dog food. Among the innovative approaches is by creating dog food that is a lot like the food humans eat. In fact, companies are coming up with products that are made from actual ingredients that are from the foods humans eat. One instance involves Richard Thompson cutting into a chunky turkey and chicken product and actually eats it.

Similar things are done with companies like Purinastore. Their Beneful dog food is known for having ingredients that could be seen and tasted. They are also very high in nutrients. Beneful has a wide variety of flavors and products that dogs will enjoy. Purina sells a lot of wet food products as well as dry food. This gives the owner a lot of options when it comes to feeding their dog.

Beneful not only makes tasty dog food, but the company also offers food that is high on nutrition. As a result, dogs are not only enjoying the great taste of premium foods like Beneful, but they are also getting greater nutrition which will give them better health.


Getting the Truth About the Koch Brothers

Moyers & Company is well aware of the misinformation often disseminated by the media regarding the Koch brothers and their impressive financial contributions to various conservative political candidates and causes. A recent article delves deeper than the simple speculation about the motives behind the Koch brothers’ financial support of various candidates and the growth of their political network. In explaining and correcting five common misunderstandings about the Koch brothers and their political activities, the article shows that the Koch brothers are simply not the scheming, money hungry businessmen that the media would have the general public believe. Rather, Charles Koch  heads a wide network of conservative, free market interests, who work to eliminate big government and allow the free market the opportunity to help correct social problems.

The media would have the public believe that the Kochs operate independent of any larger interests and simply throw money at political candidates that they like. This is far from the truth. The Koch brothers’ network has grown exponentially in recent years and actually operates as a well-oiled machine of business leaders and activists who believe that the best way for this country to succeed is to limit the role of government and allow businesses to thrive in the free market, which raises the collective tide for all citizens. The Koch brothers’ network spans far and wide and includes generous donations from a variety of donor, not just the Koch brothers themselves, as the media likes to portray. In addition, the Koch brothers are not interested in dismantling or even controlling the Republic party. There has been rampant speculation that the Koch brothers want to take down the GOP, but this could not be further from the truth. The Koch brothers actually look favorably on the GOP as a way to limit big government and promote conservative principles, which ties in with their libertarian roots.

At the head of Koch Industries, Charles Koch has had an incredibly successful professional life. He has used the wealth he has amassed to fund conservative and free market educational programs, such as institutes at George Mason University. Charles Koch has also spoken publicly about libertarian principles and the success he believes this country can experience by keeping the government out of its citizens’ lives as much as possible and allowing the free market to do its job instead.

Non Profit Veterans Initiative Receives Donation

Forefront Capital Advisors revealed it will donate $3 million to Easter Seals Dixon Center to build up an important change in the lives of veterans and the military community while at the same time support their financial future.

Forefront Capital Advisors is a financial firm which makes specialized services available by proposing investment advisory assistance to individuals and companies.

Making the most of the $3 million donation, Easter Seal Dixon Center plans to draw on the funds for its programs such as career guidance, care giving instruction, fitness and well being services as well as learning and support.

Brad Reifler, Forefront Capital Advisors Chief Executive and founder said the decision to set up the collaboration was an easy one as Easter Seals Dixon Center creates such an extremely constructive influence on armed forces personnel and their families lives.

Through Bloomberg Reifler also said the relationship makes good business sense as the company believes the veterans and their families need financial stability to smooth the progress of success following their time in the service.

Easter Seals Dixon Center works both all over the country as well as locally to draw attention to former members of the armed forces and their relatives to help them create life-changing alternatives.

US Army (Ret.) Colonel David W. Sutherland, the co-founder and Chairman of Easter Seals Dixon Center, said in a press release that both organizations trust the alliance will enable veterans and military families to take on an active role in the community while attaining financial stability.

A thriving entrepreneur, Reifler worked his way up to become an expert in worldwide financial services. He shares his understanding to help individuals and companies find ways to help their money work for them.

Reifler received a degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College and started a line of businesses in the early 1980’s with the launch of Reifler Trading Company.

He was a previous founding partner and presiding officer of global financial services firm, Pali Capital as well as a star trader at financial services company, Refco.

Reifler works on advisory boards and has spoken to a large extent about the world of investing.  Wikipedia has even more information about what Brad Reifler’s career entails.