Argentina Finds a Perfect Match With Highland Capital

Big news for Argentina as read in a recent Bloomberg article. The country seeks its return to the international markets and looks to sell its debts to different companies abroad. One of them, Highland Capital Management looks to invest in the country and reap the rewards of Argentina’s return.

The March article by Bloomberg details Argentina’s strategy as it attempts to bring in investors. Highland Capital Management looks gain six percent yields off of buying the country’s debt in the short term. Argentina hopes the buyers will stay a constant even after the nation exits default. In the article James Dondero expresses long term ideas and hopes to start an Argentina Fund after the initial debt is paid.
The Founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has been an innovator and entrepreneur of the business sector for decades. Jim Dondero attended the University of Virginia with Majors geared towards finance and is also a certified analyst. From the mid to late 80’s Jim’s career working for major corporations began as he became an analyst for American Express.
In 1993, Jim Dondero founded Highland Capital Management. The company specializes in high income investments and holds over 20 billion dollars in assets. Highland Capital and James Dondero pioneered the use of Collateralized Loan Obligation. Thanks to Jim’s 30 years of experience, Highland Capital has remained a titan of the business sector.
 In a recent Bloomberg article, the country of Argentina can count on Highland Capital Management as an investor in its return to international markets. Highland Capital and Dondero look to be big winners in this deal as they purchase the country’s debt. With James Dondero’s years of experience, this surely will prove fruitful for the company and Argentina as well.