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Betsy DeVos: Working Towards Educational Change In America

SetVet~October 19, 2018 /Philanthropy

As someone who is entrusted to lead the schooling and education system in the country, Betsy DeVos has a lot resting on her shoulders. As the Education Minister of America, she has the duty to improve the education system, a goal that she has been operating with much before she actually took up the role of Education Minister. Education, according to DeVos is one of the foundations on which the country can grow, and is one of the main factors that can lead to overall progress of the country as a whole.



DeVos’ first interest in the education system began soon after she was working professionally. She noticed that there were several flaws that were prominent in the public school system, and these need to be amended in order to improve the system as a whole. However, this was something that was prevalent in American for an incredibly long period of time, which meant that this would not improve unless there was a firm backing pleading for its improvement. Even though Betsy DeVos wanted to improve the system, she knew that she would need a lot more people who believed in the same ideas as her. This is when she stood as a prominent figure in the charter school movement. Because of the pressures that were being faced by the public school system, they were not able to efficiently meet the growing needs of the children seeking their education from them. Because of this, it was important that this system is amended in a way that lets them meet the growing needs of those who need to seek proper education.



The main concern about the public school system was the manner in which they are funded. Public schools normally are dependent on taxpayers money, which is not always enough to meet these needs. However, charter schools don’t seem to have this problem because they are dependent on private funds. This money is used to offer the children the very best facilities, which in turn improves their overall growth. In total, these offered the very best of everything to those who came to them. This is what Betsy DeVos wanted to bring the public school system up to par with.



Even though she was not able to meet this goal of converting public schools to private ones, it served as a good learning experience which helped her realize the realistic goals that she can meet with. This is something that has been able to help her immensely at the role that she is currently holding.


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