US Navy Veteran, Azreil Blackman, is Rewarded by the American Airlines

Throughout history, working in the American airlines has had its benefits, and recently, the airline demonstrated how they pay their employees by awarding their 91-year-old employee with a Boeing 777 plane for working for 75 years with the airline. Azreil Al Blackman states that he does not consider retiring at his age. The American Airlines, on the other hand, has no problem with his continued service indicating that he is one of the most valued employees and is knowledgeable on most of the airline’s operations. The event happened at the John F. Kennedy International Airport where the curtain dropped to reveal the Boeing 777.

His Known Accolades

Azreil Al Blackman is a former US Navy service member, and when he got employment at American Airlines 75 years ago, he has never looked back serving the airline with both diligence and professionalism. He has also been awarded by the Guinness World Records as having the longest career as a mechanic in an airline. The Boeing 777 carries more than 240 people, and he hopes to continue flying especially now that he has an airplane. His zeal and ability to work long hours make him a mentor not only for mechanics in the airline, but also others in other airlines.

Pride in the American History

American Airlines decision to award Azreil Al Blackman is deemed as one of the perks that make the US great. The people take pride in the knowledge that the American companies reward their employees and that culture began centuries ago. Veterans have been continuously getting awarded for their services to the nation and for the innovations and hard work in companies they work for after serving their military duties. The American culture is embedded in tales of success, and when the Airline decided to award Azreil Al Blackman, they were following in the important tradition.