Beneful: A Line Of Dog Food With Many Types

Beneful, a dog food line by Nestle PurinaStore, has become known for it’s varied flavors and excellent nutritional profiles. Everything that is part of the Beneful line is highly nutritious and appealing to the palate of dogs. However, each variety appeals to different age ranges and sizes of dogs. Dogs do tend to vary in terms of taste preferences, which is why Beneful comes in a number of different flavors. All of the foods that are produced by Beneful are pretty easy to find. Beneful products have surged in popularity, so they are available in Wal-Mart stores throughout the country.

One very popular line of dog food is Beneful Originals dry food: Beneful Originals dry food caters to the tastes and nutritional needs of adult dogs. It comes in several different flavors. If your dog is more of a fish lover, it comes in salmon flavor. However, if your dog is more of a beef lover, you can also get it in that flavor. If your dog likes chicken, you can get chicken flavored Beneful Originals. However, these foods aren’t purely meat flavored. Instead, they contain other subtle flavors of natural grains and real vegetables.

Overweight dogs often benefit from Beneful Healthy Weight dry food. Beneful Healthy Weight is quite nutritious, but it’s meant to be light on the calories. The Beneful Healthy Weight dry food comes as chicken flavored. However, it’s also enhanced by subtle vegetable components. Many dogs have shown excellent weight loss from switching to this food.

Beneful makes a special puppy formula, and this is good for puppies that are growing. Beneful Healthy Puppy dry food is designed to help your puppy in all areas of his or her development. It helps with growth, but it also is good for their brain and eye development. Beneful Healthy Puppy dry food also has a chicken taste, with other subtle flavors, as well.

Another very popular kind of Beneful dry food is Incredibites. Incredibites is for smaller dogs. It contains nutrition that is designed specifically for the needs of a small dog, but it also is designed to be exceptionally flavorful.