Doe Deere and Lime Crime Taking the World by a Colorful Storm

In a recent article in Galore, a hip online beauty and style edition, the business life of Doe Deere and her beauty and make-up company, Lime Crime, were showcased. The article brings to light this successful, artistic yet business oriented creature named Dow Deere. She has merchandised and marketed herself and her company very successfully since she began selling products on Ebay in 2004. She used a fanciful name, Lime Crime, as an appellation for a company that would grow exponentially under Deere’s control.

Deere admitted that she wasn’t very good at make-up until she reached her early 20s. But as the ILoveLimeCrime blog shows, Deere has really improved since then. She began her storied career and her love for makeup at a slumber party. When she was only nine, she invited two girlfriends over to spend the night, and they began experimenting with lipsticks and playing with other makeup products. Deere and Lime Crime have been on a roll ever since, and she was, recently, selected as one of the cover subjects alongside Suze Orman and Arianna Huffington by Self-Made Magazine, and named as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by the magazine.

Deere is a perfect figurehead for her avant-garde makeup line. She is an example of her product’s vision for future beauty trends, and she has become a spokesperson for this new vivid, vibrant and individual beauty culture. While mainstream fashion may be aghast at both Deere as a spokesperson and Lime Crime’s vibrant color palette, there is no denying Deere’s commitment and her artistic achievements at this stage of product development. She has the intelligence and the personality to take the fashion world by storm and influence future generations of young women and girls.

Fabletics Bring Style and Comfort

There is a lot of hangups when it comes to fashion. Often times, there is this idea that in order to look good, one has to sacrifice comfort. Fortunately, there are new styles in place that make it possible for one to look good and be comfortable at the same time. This makes for an innovative and successful line of products. After all, if one could have both comfort and elegance, then why shouldn’t she. Kate Hudson among others have addressed this issue. This has resulted in a new line of clothing called athleisure, which is the main product line of Fabletics, a subdivision of JustFab.
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Fabletics is a company that offers clothing that not only looks good, allows people to be active. While some of the pieces are not necessarily ideal for playing sports in, they do offer a lot of comfort to go along with style. There are plenty of different products that are available for different body types. Fabletics makes sure that people of a wide variety of body types find something that works well for their figure so that they can be satisfied with their appearance.

Kate Hudson is someone who is known for more than the movies that she has starred in, but also her sense of style. She is someone who is very passionate about style and it shows in her interview on Marie Claire. She not only loves having her own style, but she also wants others to be able to experiment and find their own style. She also understands the frustrations that come with fashion mishaps like torn leggings. She has helped with the start of the brand on social media (Facebook is our favorite) so that she can make it easier for people to look good and not have to worry about any tears or other problems in their clothes.