The Foundation of Organo Gold

As the coffee industry is an industry that has exponentially growing over the past 500 years, one company in particular has created a new product line that offers consumers a choice of delicious and healthy products that are made for individuals who live active lives and who put an emphasis on health. This company is known as Organo Gold and was founded by Bernardo Chua is 2008 for the purpose of creating a product that not only taste great, but also can improve the mind and the body of the consumers. Bernardo Chua wanted to create the product as a healthy and cheap way to provide nutrients to the body that can be hard to obtain especially when living in an impoverished region. Bernardo Chua is not only proud of his product, but is also proud of the fact that his product will save the lives and the money of millions of consumers around the world.

What makes this company unique is the fact that this company is a direct sales company. As Mr. Chua is a leader of the direct sales industry, he decided to base his new empire around this model. This not only allows for the consumers to also be distributors to make more money, but also allows for the consumer to buy the product from someone that they trust. This type of company has given over a million jobs to individuals around the world. The only requirement to join the Organo Gold family is to love the product the is sold.

Bernardo Chua, as a coffee enthusiast, decided to create a delicious cup of coffee that provides multiple health benefits to the body. Mr. Chua has also incorporated other products into the company which include body lotions, tea, as well as hot chocolate. In recent news, as a way to motivate the distributors to sell and the consumers to buy, Mr. Chua has recently incorporated a new rewards program which makes the purchasing of the products cheaper and makes the customer service even better. Those who remain loyal to the company have stated to feel treated like royalty.