Chili’s Manager Scolded For Refusing Free Meal To Vet, Despite Proof Of Service

This one makes Chili’s restaurant chain look bad, no matter what part of the country the establishments are located in. The problem occurred on Veteran’s Day, when the chain announced that US servicemen and women could have a free Chili’s meal.


Ernest Walker and his service dog were enjoying that meal at a Chili’s Restaurant in the Dallas suburb of Cedar Hill, Texas. Imagine the vet’s embarrassment and humiliation when the Chili’s manager there challenged Mr. Walker on his US Army military status, beginning with the uniform he was wearing, says


Mr. Walker was wearing a military uniform without a name tag. He had bought the uniform after retirement. Mr. Walker claims another customer at the north Texas Chili’s had the nerve to question whether he was actually in the service.


When a manager then asked the veteran to showed him his discharge papers and identification, Mr. Walker did right away. Still, his free meal was taken away from him. Mr. Walker filmed the incident unfolding on his cell phone, which shows the manager taking the free meal away, despite proof of the military discharge papers. Mr. Walker posted the video on YouTube after the incident. You can check it out here.


Mr. Walker claims he was treated with disrespect by the male manager, because of his color. “He treated me as if I was a black mean stealing a meal.”


The vet has retained counsel, looking at his legal options. Chili’s has since apologized.