Benefits of Trying A Cleanse

In this day and age many of us feel tired, run down, stressed and unhealthy. There are many companies that claim to have the answer to our physical ailments. Obviously, diet and exercise play a pivotal role in our health, but one important aspect of our well-being that often gets overlooked is the value of cleansing. is a company that offers an all-natural, completely vegan cleanse that is designed to detoxify the entire body safely and effectively. The herbal ingredients gently cleanse the major organs of the body, such as the colon, liver, and kidneys thereby eliminating the toxic buildup that can make our bodies weak and sluggish. This cleansing effect also boosts our immune system as well.

Sheryl Underwood is an outspoken recent user of the cleanse and has seen fantastic results with the program. She lost five pounds her first week on the cleanse and has seen boosts in her energy levels as well as her spiritual awareness. Her weight loss is by no means uncommon as this is one of the biggest benefits of doing a vegan cleanse. Toxins and backed up debris get unblocked and released helping us to look and feel less bloated in the midsection.

Another benefit of doing a cleanse is the reduction of stress and increase in mental function that it produces. Stress is basically the number one killer in the world as most diseases can be traced back to an unhealthy buildup of stress over time. By eliminating toxins in the blood and lymph this helps the circulation of pure, oxygenated blood to the brain helping us to focus more easily. This also allows us to see the solution to problems that might have otherwise seemed insurmountable.

The benefits of the cleanse are many and varied. They extend beyond just the physical, into the realm of increased mental stability, and even spiritual connection for the one who is fortunate enough to give it a try.

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Betsy DeVos: Changing the Face of Politics in Education

Betsy DeVos steps into the national spotlight as the United States Secretary of Education. Though new to the national platform, DeVos has been in the public eye as a businesswoman, politician and philanthropist for decades.

DeVos came under fire by some for her stance on charter schools, school vouchers and what some say is a way to make all public schools private. In the article, “Why not give Betsy DeVos and school vouchers a try” some people stand behind her stating public employee unions that oversee the current school system might not have the children’s best interests at heart. Other say as long as we stand together whether it’s about the public school system or public roads, we are strongest. One person actually went as far to say Democrats should open their arms to this Republican support of Islam which is not usual. Most people agree education is about what is best for the students no matter what system they use to learn. Check this related article from

DeVos comes from a wealthy family in Michigan, an heir to the Amway fortune. She quickly got into politics. DeVos was a delegate for the Michigan Republican Party, a Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan and chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. DeVos then became the finance chairperson for the Bush Administration’s National Republican Senatorial Committee. Throughout this time she was a strong supporter or charter schools, school vouchers and education as a whole.

Whether people agree or disagree with Betsy DeVos approach to education, no one can argue she does many philanthropic activities and raises funds for many projects. DeVos and her husband began the Windquest Group in 1989. This company invested in technology, clean energy and manufacturing. The same year DeVos launched the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This foundation supports community, arts, justice, leadership and education. DeVos and the foundation made over $11.6 million in 2015. This catapulted the DeVos family on the Forbes list in the top 24 of the country’s givers. This foundation donated millions to hospitals, Christian schools, missions as well as many other organizations. Her critics shout DeVos has no public education experience; however, her track record with charter schools proves this isn’t true. Millions of dollars from her foundations directly aided charter schools.

Standing behind her love for education, the DeVos foundation gave over five million to charter schools, over eight million to private Christian schools and almost $60,000 to public schools. They don’t stop at schools, but even put money into college students’ education. DeVos also gives a yearly scholarship, the Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship, to students at Northwood University earning a BBA or combined BBA/MBA.

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Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner: Does It Work?

If you are a fan of hair products, you’ve probably heard of the popular hair care line called WEN hair. The creator, Chaz Dean made this line to increase your overall hair health. With several varieties that each hold their benefits for specific hair types, Wen has ingredients that will transform your hair. In a recent article, a woman discusses how her hair changed after using the sephora marketed cleansing conditioner for one week.
The Wen Hair Cleansing conditioner comes in different kinds depending on the type of hair you have. It’s an all in on shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment- pretty convenient, right?! In a recent article a young woman decides to try out this popular product for one week to see what happens. Overall, she ends up finding that it does transform your hair: her normally thin, and hard to style hair was now softer and shinier than ever before. Her friends could recognize a difference, and the pictures say it all. One tip she gave to her facebook followers was that you should use the product in the morning for best results. People who wash their hair at night could end up having increased oily roots. To see how her hair transformed, visit:

After challenging the product, she came to find that it, indeed, helped boost her hair health. Soft, shinier and increased volume was exactly what she had been hoping for. As long as she continues to wash and style her hair with Wen, her hair will be at its best! Read more:

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Keith Mann Partners with Uncommon Schools for Scholarship

Keith Mann, founder of Dynamics Search Partners recently announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This scholarship was created in order to spotlight the this next realm of business leaders coming from this newer generation. Together, Keith Mann partnered with Uncommon Schools in New York to offer this scholarship opportunity to a graduating senior at one of their schools.

When asked why Keith and Keely had decided to implement this scholarship their response was simple. They wanted to make sure that recipient of their scholarship was a student at the Uncommon Charter High School.

Each student applying for the scholarship have been encouraged students to write a 1,000 word essay about how receiving a college degree could aid them in helping their professional goals. Since day one Keith Mann has been an advocate for education and philanthropy. He and his wife have always been dedicated to finding strong leaders and building them up to success.

Currently, this new scholarship is available for graduating seniors. They have until Feb. 29, 2016 to apply. The winner will win a $5,000 scholarship.

Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He launched an Alternative Investment Practice in 2002 and wanted to impact the underrepresented search community. In 2006 he began to expand and in 2009 established DSP. He continues to research ways to expand his business not only in the professional sector but also in the philanthropy sector as he seeks to build his brand to higher and deeper depths.

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Charles Koch Makes Another Donation

The law school at George Mason University is being named after Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the conservative justice who passed away in 2016 and many are pointing to the influence of Charles Koch in accordance with this naming. The Koch brothers have long been supporters of both Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and George Mason University and their donation of $10 million for the law school renaming, along with $20 million from an anonymous donor is more likely to be steeped in their great respect as well as the notable achievements of Justice Scalia rather than some ulterior motive.

There have been many critics of the Koch Brothers over the years, most closely related to the impact and support for various conservative politicians has had on the outcome of various political races both national and local races. Charles Koch earned his fortune from Koch Industries, the second largest private company in the United States and one that is diversified into a number of industries. They have been politically active since the 1970s and have supported various political groups from libertarians to Republicans, all with a focus on reducing the size of government and the waste that comes with it. The Koch brothers are believers in the constitution and the rights afforded to individuals under it.

While neither of the Koch brothers attended George Mason University there are some ties that Koch Industries have to the school, namely through some executives who are former alumni of the school. Though this is the case, the Koch Brothers significant contributions to George Mason University, to the tune of $48 million over a four year period not including the large $10 million donation noted above, dwarf other contributions to schools that the brothers have made. No other university received more than $1 million annually during the four month period noted above.

The sheer size of the contributions to George Mason University have led people to speculate what the cause of these large donations are. While George Mason University is located just outside of Washington DC, their contributions to the school seem unconnected to this. A spokesman for the Koch Brothers say that no contributions have strings attached to them. Instead, Charles Koch appreciates the significant contributions that George Mason University have made to society as well as their significant law and economics programs and the manner in which they help to benefit the country at large.

What Actually is The US Money Reserve Penny

For the past several years, it has been a question on whether or not the penny has any real value. Phil Diehl who is the former Director of the U.S. Mint and the current president of coin distributor U.S. Money Reserve, is completely against the production of the penny.

Mr. Diehl explained on CNBC Squawk Box that he believes that the penny costs too much to produce for what it is actually worth. The cost of producing one penny which is one cent is 1.8 cents which equates to millions of dollars that is lost to making pennies annually.

Mr. Diehl has received several protests against eliminating the penny. One argument is the fact that the elimination of the penny could lead to inflation of the United States’ economy. In response to this argument, Mr. Diehl states that this has been a concern for the past 25 years by penny lobbyists to keep the penny.

Mr. Diehl then continues with a counter argument that in present day 75 percent of all transactions are now through electronic devices such as apps and credit cards. The remaining 25 percent of cash transactions would not be hugely affected by raising or lowering the prices of products due to the elimination of the penny.

Mr. Diehl continues by stating that in response to the elimination of the penny companies would likely round the prices down rather than round up. This action would be done to keep the customers happy instead of aggravating them with an increase in the product price.

Those who want to protect the penny include private interest groups that make the penny blanks. Among these private interests groups are the zinc lobbyists that produce 97.5 percent of what the penny is made out of. In addition to this, a private interest group called American’s for Common Cents has continued to protect the idea of the penny.

The argument that this group uses is that organizations such as charities would be negatively affected because there would be less pocket change donated to organizations. In addition to this, the idea of “rounding tax” would negatively affect consumers.

The GoFundMe For Operation Smile By Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel already has a name for himself in dental medicine, but he wants to make sure that he can use that name for good. Avi is a dentist out of New Jersey and is keen on helping the community. He was voted Best Dentist on multiple occasions and never takes a day for granted. He takes a lot of trips with Operation Smile, and he makes sure that he is taking trips to help people who will never get dental care without his help. He started a GoFundMe page to make sure that he can raise more money for Operation Smile, and he wants everyone to know what the charity is all about.

The charity sends dentists out in huge vehicles that are going to be able to carry all the gear and people that they need. The vehicles roll into towns around the country, and they have a lot of people coming to them when they show up. The charity could spend a week in the same place, and they could come back every year to see the same people. Avi Weisfogel likes to see the same people so that he can get to know them, and he also wants to make sure that he can help people that he knows are in real need.

Operation Smile needs all the money it can get, and it is going to get that money from people who are giving to campaigns like the one that Avi Weisfogel started. There are a lot of people who are going to give because they believe in Operation Smile, and even more are going to know that they are going to give to something that is brand new to them. That means that they are going to learn about how they can help people who need the dental care that they take for granted.

The people that are going to come to the page can give as many times as they want, and it is important for these people to see if they can give every time they see the page. Avi Weisfogel wants to make sure that they can give a lot of money, and he shares it as much as he can. People who love to give money to help disadvantaged people can give to Operation Smile through just one page they find online.