Bustle Takes WEN by Chaz For a Spin

It’s not very often that I read an article about a product I already have been using, and when it happens often the results mean me having to find new products. This time much to my relief and surprise was not the case. Wen, a cleansing conditioner that I’ve been using for the last few months, recently was featured in a blog I frequent quite often and I have to say I’m glad to have found it. I simply re-enforced my decision that I had found my favorite cleansing conditioner. Which is saying something because I don’t use a product unless I can verify that it is 100% all natural, has never been tested on any animals, and of course does what it says it’s supposed to, all of which WEN by Chaz passed with flying colors.

So already knowing how much beauty blogger, Emily McClure, would love her trial of the conditioner, I read the article to see if she enjoyed it as much as I do.

So writing for the beauty publication, Bustle, Emily set out to get to the bottom of what makes WEN by Chaz so popular in the beauty blogging world. For one week, the writer used WEN by Chaz and threw out her old shampoo. Within just one wash, she began to notice a difference, though not surprising at all to myself. By the time her week-long experiment had ended, Emily found WEN by Chaz earning a permanent spot on her bathroom shelf, no surprise there.

To read the entire article and I suggest you do, visit Bustle.com.  Also see: https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare

About the Creator of My Favorite Conditioner

Chaz Dean has thoughtfully allowed the public access to his conditioner originally created for use by his celebrity clientele. The celebrity stylist is the driving force behind the products major success. The products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online on Amazon.

Haircare 101

Let’s be honest for second. Having beautiful lustrous locks are a sought after element in life. Everyone wants great hair no matter the color, race, or creed. We’re all vain to some degree, but did you know that the very things you do on a daily basis can be destroying your hair? That’s right! One of the biggest issues with good hair care is actually how you are cleaning it. Regular tap has chemicals in it that kills the germs and bacteria, which makes the water safe to drink, but this water can cause major damage if overused. No, you don’t have to stop drinking or washing your hair completely, but you need to limit it’s use.

Too mush washing of the hair and scalp creates excess sebum which will give you that greasy feeling. On top of that, many people experience dryness and flakes from over-washing. Preventive maintenance is a great way to go and one way of doing this is by the use of Wen by Chaz Haircare Products. WEN by Chaz was designed to give you great haircare (via) natural ingredients. These natural ingredients nourishes your hair and scalp with consistent use as well as strengthens, protects, and moisturizes. Founder Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/store.aspx, has implemented his very own lifestyle into the products and they surely deliver on all promises. Check out these products here:

  • Sweet Almond Mint Anti-Frizz Creme
  • Daily Cleansing Treatment
  • Lavender Re-Moist Treatment
  • Sweet Almond Nourishing Mousse
  • And more

For anyone who wants a health head of hair, WEN by Chaz products are the best in the business. Whether you’re into spray, gels, pomades, or conditioner; Chaz Dean is supplying you with the most advantageous product line in the 21st Century. Visit wen.com for more product information. Follow Wen on Twitter to get notified on new product releases and online deals!