Shea Butter Is Has Many Benefits For People’s Skin And Hair


Shea butter has been around for a while now and there has been a lot of debate buzzing around it as of late, especially as the healthy trends continue to grow. One of the good properties of Shea butter is the anti-aging elements, along with its ability to moisturize the skin and keep it supple. This makes it very beneficial to those who have dry skin often. Along with being able to moisturize and keep the skin healthy, it can help reduce inflammation. There are many claims to the total benefits that Shea butter provides, all of which are not certain. What is certain is Shea butter does hold a number of benefits for the skin and body, which is why many companies are putting it into their products.


Eugenia is an all natural brand of Shea butter that is one of the top brands and contains a formula passed down through generations. Their product supplies a ton of nourishment to the skin which can be seen quickly in the results. The difference between Eugenia Shea and the competitors is a big one because most other companies use a bunch of filler ingredients and chemicals with their Shea butter products. Eugenia Shea was truely started over in Ghana, while Akuete was taking care of her mother. This process and journey for her ended up being the inspiration for Eugenia Shea. The company is working with all the beneficial aspects it can have on the skin, providing the highest quality Shea butter in their products.


After the discovery of Shea butter, the word spread quickly and it spread far all over the world. Eugenia has been able to build up many partnerships that has increased the awareness of her Shea butter product as well as distribute it all over the world to those in need. As one of the most natural brands out there, Eugenia can be found at retailers for cosmetics all over the globe.