George Soros and His Stance on the Relationship Between the EU and the Ukraine

A Brief Biographical Look at the Powerful Billionaire, George Soros

Recently, George Soros contributed an article to the Project Syndicate about how the European Union’s aid and friendship to the Ukraine would be for the greater good for all of Europe. His advice regarding politics and finance is well respected because he stands a titan of wealth and influence. George Soros is the founder of both the Soros Fund and the Open Society foundation, and he chairs both of them as well. Those are hardly his only accomplishments though. In addition to those organizations, he is a respected author of many financial books, like The New Paradigm of Financial Markets, The Alchemy of Finance, The Tragedy of the European Union and many more globally renowned titles. He is the founder of both the Soros Fund and the Open Society Foundation, and he chairs both of them too.

Those are hardly his only accomplishments. In his 86 years Soros has survived the holocaust, helped rebuild the Russia after the civil war and amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune. It is all these things, which are the reasons George Soros probably knows what he is talking about with the Ukraine and the European Union. the sections below will recap his article concerning the situation.

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A Recap of the Analysis George Soros Gave on the EU and the Ukrainian Elections

In May 2014, the Ukraine held a presidential election about the the same time the EU Parliament did, and the results were complete opposites of each other. Even though the elections are over two years old now, they may hold greater importance than ever because of the feelings the citizens of European Union. George Soros was trying to highlight how important what happened in the Ukraine was.

The people of the Ukraine demonstrated how deeply they wanted the EU to continue to exist and run, along with their overall satisfaction, but the people of the European Union’s votes spoke volumes about their unhappiness with the entire system, and the unhappiness has grown to contempt for at least half of the citizens. George Soros essentially hinted about how helping the Ukraine would point out the relevancy and value of the European Union, and the addition of more members would ultimately be beneficial for all of Europe.

Constantly Unfolding Results of the Failed European Union Experiment

George Soros believed the European Union was failing and Russia’s growing strength was a danger to Europe militarily and economically, and this analysis was given two years ago. It is failing badly, mostly due to the immigration controversy, which was the main reason the Brexit campaign was successful, and it is why other nations want referendums. While the EU leaders and George Soros believe diversity is the long-term key to Europe’s success, Vladimir Putin is powering Russia and his position through a type of religious and ethnic nationalism supported by the vast Orthodox Church. Since 2014, Russia has grown stronger through nationalism, nationalism is on the rise in Europe and George Soros predicted all of it.

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