New Pilot Medical Program Introduced for Veterans

Veterans of the United States armed forces are among the most respected members of our society. While they are highly respected, the country has not always provided veterans with the best level of medical care. However, a recent news article ( points out that a new medical bill submitted could provide veterans with the best level of care that they have ever received.


The new bill, which was introduced by two different senators, has requested that more resources be provided to allow for the Veterans Association to establish a new pilot medical care program that would provide innovative care to veterans. The new program, which is called No Heroes Left Untreated Act, will ensure that all veterans are provided with the care that they need.


The new program will be set up in at least four different medical centers located across the country. The VA would like to set up the medical program with at least 50 initial members. Based on the success in providing medical care to these veterans, it could continue to expand and someday be used by all veterans of the armed forces. The program will focus on provide traditional care, but will also provide enhanced support for veterans deal with issues such as PTSD, drug or alcohol abuse, and several other ailments. Beyond the VA, a variety of organizations have already expressed their support of the new bill, which will be formally voted on early next year.