Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Makes Kids Her First Priority

Recently appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick have given away millions of dollars of their massive fortune to several charitable causes.

The couple talks the talk and they walk the walk. Much of their giving reflects their strong political and religious beliefs. Before she became Trump’s Education Secretary, she was at the forefront of Michigan education initiatives. The DeVoses are huge proponents of charter schools and the voucher program. They believe that children are entitled to receive a good education regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic background. Read more about their foundation at

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation show that the doled out nearly $10 million for a variety of charities and causes. All total, about 26% of the DeVoses donations go toward education. Recently, the foundation funded former CNN anchor Campbell Brown’s The Partnership For Education with $400,000. The nonprofit helps children of limited means. DeVos has also given $150,000 to the Success Academy Charter School.

Betsy DeVos says it was always her goal to help all children secure a better education. After she graduated from college, she wasted no time studying the state’s educational system. “There were a lot of cracks and a great deal of things I saw was unfair,” said DeVos.

Betsy DeVos, like her husband, came from a background of wealth and influence. Her father was the billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince. Her husband, Dick, is the son of Amway founder Richard DeVos. Although both lived privileged lives, they learned the value of paying it forward at a very young age.

DeVos has always been a big player in Michigan politics. Before her appointment with the Trump campaign, she was the chairperson of the state of Michigan board of education. She also played a huge role in her husband’s 2006 gubernatorial run to unseat incumbent Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Although the race grew close in the last weeks, DeVos lost by 8 points.

DeVos says she will continue to give through her foundation as long as the need is there. In her role as Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos vows to continue to make education accessible for all Americans. Read more about her philanthropy at

Charles Koch Financier and Philanthropist

According to Charles Koch, Donald Trump would be a more effective candidate concentrating on simply discussing politics and reveal his solutions on confronting major issues that handicap and affect the nation, this should be the integral focal point of Donald Trump’s desire to win the presidential election this coming November.

Discussing,criticizing and badgering Hillary Clinton is counter productive for Donald Trump,as opposed to speaking about approaching challenges he will undoubtedly have to face head on in the main election.

Charles Koch has been in the center of the political arena many years and is considered as one of the intellectual brains of the conservative movement,contrary to popular belief that he supports the Republican Death Star.

Some people are commenting that Trump’s primary victory is perceived as redefining the Republican Party, however that is an exaggerated statement.

It is quite possible that if Donald Trump does not find the niche that is required for his uplifting then it is presumed that he will simply be remembered as an amusing periphery nominee.

Charles Koch was born November 1,1935 in Wichita, Kansas,one of four sons. He is a financier, political donor and a philanthropist as well as proprietor and chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries where he became president in 1967 and his brother David is Executive Vice President.

This is a family business created by his father Fred Koch. Initially,the business concentrating specifically on refineries and chemicals,currently it encompasses process and pollution control equipment and technologies, polymers, fibers, minerals, fertilizer products, commerce, forest and consumer commodities and ranching.

Charles Koch was educated at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attained his Bachelor of Science degree in general engineering in 1957, as well as a Master of Science in mechanical engineering in 1958, along with a second Master of Science in chemical engineering in 1960.
Koch Industries is regarded to be the second largest privately possessed enterprise in the United States.

In 2014, according to Forbes Magazine, Charles Koch was stratified as the ninth wealthiest individuals on the planet, a billionaire with assets of 50 billion dollars.


Charles Koch: Integrity, Values and 1888

In the year 1888, Hotze “Harry” Koch started on a journey that would create a lasting legacy for this grandsons Charles and David Koch. Now, 1888 has become more than just a time in history where their legacy began, it is now a thriving company, inside of Koch industries that manages their personal wealth.

According to the article, “The Koch Brothers Have Started a new Family Office quietly to Invest their fortune,” by Margaret Collins of 1888 Management, LLC was incorporated in Delaware in 2014. It originally operated out of the treasury department of Koch industries. However, now the company is registered to do business in California, Florida and the home base of Koch Industries, Kansas.

The Koch family like to have family and the brightest minds in their inner business circle. Trent May, the former Chief Investment Officer of the Wyoming Retirement System is one prime example. According to the article, “At 1888, May is focusing in part on making direct investments in companies in which the Koch brothers can take a sizable stake, according to people with knowledge of the operation.”

We all know the business side of the Koch Industries CEO, but what about who he is as a person? And his personal views and values? Who his Charles Koch? He has many titles. He is the chief executive officer of Koch Industries, a philanthropist and has written three bestselling books. He considers himself a freedom fighter and wants to restore a free society. He has made it a mission to understand principles that help others improve their lives and he wants to share that with the American people. While many try to paint him in a negative light, Mr. Koch truly values the fundamental concepts of dignity, respect, equality before the law.

Marcio Alaor With The BMG Recap

Each year that passes by, the month of January brings good news to those who live in or near Las Vegas, because each year during that period of time, the Consumer Electronics Show, also known by the name of CES, get put into action.

The CES event has for many years now been a way of showing everyone who wants to see the ways that technology has grown and how it will probably be going in the future. This specialized event known as CES has become quite an interesting place to go to for many, and it helps people with keeping up on the way technology is going.

This year, during the annual CES event, the holders of the event were able to talk to the people who were attending about the newest developments, such as the drone that is able to have a passenger fly in it, and the electric cars that are now being created and the life-altering cameras that are able to starting to be implemented onto the objects of many different people, and that are going to change how everyone is able to see the life of the homes that we now live in.
For many, the Our Veterans crew has it that of these cool and expanded inventions throughout the technology world are an exciting piece of news. We may not realize it constantly, but the world we know so well right now, is changing all the time, and we must keep up on it, otherwise we could miss out on some big life-altering changes.

When it comes to technology, we are developing so fast as the world goes on, and pretty soon, will being seeing some huge changes in the way we live our lives. However, even though there is change in technology coming and constantly going, the changes are all good for us, they help us in ways that we never thought possible before.

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Marcio Alaor

Many might not know this, but Marcio Alaor BGM is a person that is well-known for his work as being a team member for the executive team with the BMG Group. He happens to be one of the best in the business. For all of the years that he has worked, he has worked hard to make sure that this world changes for the better, and that is why so many are huge fans of Marcio Alaor.

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Getting the Truth About the Koch Brothers

Moyers & Company is well aware of the misinformation often disseminated by the media regarding the Koch brothers and their impressive financial contributions to various conservative political candidates and causes. A recent article delves deeper than the simple speculation about the motives behind the Koch brothers’ financial support of various candidates and the growth of their political network. In explaining and correcting five common misunderstandings about the Koch brothers and their political activities, the article shows that the Koch brothers are simply not the scheming, money hungry businessmen that the media would have the general public believe. Rather, Charles Koch  heads a wide network of conservative, free market interests, who work to eliminate big government and allow the free market the opportunity to help correct social problems.

The media would have the public believe that the Kochs operate independent of any larger interests and simply throw money at political candidates that they like. This is far from the truth. The Koch brothers’ network has grown exponentially in recent years and actually operates as a well-oiled machine of business leaders and activists who believe that the best way for this country to succeed is to limit the role of government and allow businesses to thrive in the free market, which raises the collective tide for all citizens. The Koch brothers’ network spans far and wide and includes generous donations from a variety of donor, not just the Koch brothers themselves, as the media likes to portray. In addition, the Koch brothers are not interested in dismantling or even controlling the Republic party. There has been rampant speculation that the Koch brothers want to take down the GOP, but this could not be further from the truth. The Koch brothers actually look favorably on the GOP as a way to limit big government and promote conservative principles, which ties in with their libertarian roots.

At the head of Koch Industries, Charles Koch has had an incredibly successful professional life. He has used the wealth he has amassed to fund conservative and free market educational programs, such as institutes at George Mason University. Charles Koch has also spoken publicly about libertarian principles and the success he believes this country can experience by keeping the government out of its citizens’ lives as much as possible and allowing the free market to do its job instead.