Army Veteran Completes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder School

Donald Zuzula is an army veteran who recently completed a post-traumatic stress disorder program. He completed the program along with Harbaugh, who is now his pet. The name of the program is K9s for Warriors. It is located in Ponte Verda, Florida. It pairs people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder with service animals. Donald was in the program for three weeks.


Donald was not only able to get the help that he needed, but he also received equipment and home-cooked meals for free. Harbaugh also received free vet care. Donald has returned home and is looking forward to his new life. He stated that the reason he joined the program was because he knew that getting a service dog would change his life.


Donald is hoping that he will eventually be able to do normal things with his family again. It is estimated that 29 percent of veterans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Shari Duval started K9s for Warriors back in 2011.


Shari is very familiar with post-traumatic stress disorder. Her own son developed it after he returned home from Iraq. Shari stated that this program has been very effective for helping people recover from the horrors of war. However, she also stated that there needs to be more done in order to help the veterans in this country. Shari is hoping that she will be able to expand her program in order to help more women and men who are in the military and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.