Solange Knowles’ ‘A Seat at the Table’ Album Serves As an Inspiration

‘A Seat at the Table’, Solange’s 2016 album is the source of inspiration of a course syllabus that is forthcoming. Reliable sources say that the project is being run by a team including Wake Forest University students, scholars and Melissa Harris-Perry. The course syllabus curators are calling out to young women of color (black women) to make contributions that will help build the syllabus. The contributions are to be made through the seatsyllabus website.


Solange’s album has been among the most popular and reflective albums that have been produced by a young woman of color. Some of the issues talked about in the album include, race, equality and womanhood—issues that actually matter quite a bit. The whole point of this album is to be a wakeup call to the women of color between the ages of 16-30 to express their experiences through music, visual arts and texts. This is more like having a ‘seat at the table’.


One statement made on the seatsyllabus website suggested that if America was to have a democracy in which all the citizens were to have a seat at the table, those experiences would be the main point of focus to the country’s development.


The syllabus is based on the album’s themes which will address topics such as resisting racism, human sexuality, understanding gender, nurturing ourselves and the role of relationships. The ‘A Seat at the Lunch Table’ theme is suited for middle school aged girls and elementary school. The deadline for submissions is January 31st 2017.