Starbucks Promises 25,000 Jobs To Veterans

Starbucks is often in the news for serving new types of coffee and other types of drinks. However, this time they are in the news for a whole new reason. They are giving jobs to the country’s heroes. Veterans will be able to work for the coffee giant and earn money to supplement their income.


They have designated 37 stores to be “veteran family stores.” These stores will be staffed by veterans or military staff members wives. Many of these stores are close to military bases. Prime locations include El Paso, Newport, and Bedford. Their goal is to serve those who serve. They have set committed to hire 25,000 people in the next few weeks to staff these locations.


Since 2013, they have hired 10,000 veterans and military family members to add to their growing company. The plan actually started back then, but they have just recently increased their efforts to hire more. The stores will also send care packages to active military bases to help support those who are fighting for the country.


There are still many members of the military that are deployed overseas. These car packages allow them to enjoy some of the good snacks and things they love from their homeland. It’s good new for corporate American as yet another company steps up and helps the American heroes who have given their all to provide freedom.


Some believe this may be a publicity stunt to help get them in good graces for all the things that they have done that has angered many.