Talk Fusion Going From Small To Market Leader

In a recent article by Hello Tesla, they spoke of a new trend when it comes to marketing and advertising is the use of video clips embedded in to emails. This technique has allowed companies to increase their revenue by up to 40 percent as well as engage audiences with greater ease. This was supported by a recent study that showed a 20 percent increase in opening rates of emails as well as 2-3 times increased click through rates. As we discover the importance of video and its strength over simple text companies are now using this to their advantage.

The leader in this sort of technology is Talk Fusion. Started in 2007 by Bob Reina, its CEO, Talk Fusion has since exploded on to the market making it the 8th most popular communication application available. Bob Reina before Talk Fusions’s creation wanted to embed a simple video clip within an email and was told by America Online that this was simply not possible. This got him started on the journey to create his own application with the help of a friend who had the IT expertise necessary for its execution. The rest is history. The single application has now opened several other doors allowing the company to utilize several communication ventures. The suite now consists of video chat, video newsletter, live meetings, lead capture and much more.

The great Talk Fusion software is so popular due to the ease of use and the ability of the user to implement several different templates to suite their needs. There are a total of over 1000 different templates available.

There are other software options available from Streamsend and GetResponse which provide for similar communication functionality. The use of video communication has never been simpler thanks to the innovation of companies like Talk Fusion who have worked hard to provide us with great functionality combined with ease of use. The future is looking bright for Talk Fusion as they expand across the globe making their software suite available to more and more people.