NFL Players Need To Watch PBS TV December 15, 2017

Rather than fire NFL players choosing to take a knee during the National Anthem, perhaps it would make more sense to require that they be given a short course in what it means to be a veteran and how to make ‘Thanks For Your Service’ more than just a polite thing to say.

Scheduled to debut on PBS December 15, 2017, a new program focuses on how veterans are returning from military service to become part of a new agricultural movement in America which ironically could make President Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again” have even stronger clout. According to a U.S. Veterans Magazine article, veterans are finding their way into all areas of farming from bee-keeping to orchards and from small backyard areas to massive acreage spreads.

Highly-regarded California chef Lidia Bastianich maintains that agricultural careers act as therapy for the mind, body, soul and spirit. The article includes a picture of men and women seated around a long table filled with traditional foods made with locally-acquired ingredients.

How many NFL players on one bent knee stop to consider how many of their fans in the stands and watching on TV all across America are military veterans? How many of these well-fed football stars know where their food comes from?

This Holiday Special will also feature brief comments by some of those seated around that table such as a husband/wife farmer team from New York both of whom served in the Marines and now keep busy on a 15-acre farm producing maple syrup, chickens and turkeys.