Why Veterans Need to Have Access to the Internet

The internet is probably a major part of your life. Most Americans are connected to the internet at home and on-the-go. However, many veterans and military families are lacking access to the internet. The FCC recently announced that they will be reconstructing their Lifeline Program. The Lifeline Program helps low-income families get internet access. Around 12% of Lifeline Program users are veterans. This amounts to 1,300,000 people. This shows us that many veterans and military families are not getting normal internet access. According to The Hill, it is crucial for veterans and military families to be connected to the internet in order to enter the economy.

Veterans deserve to get access to the internet. One common problem that is common for veterans is that they live in rural areas. Around 30% of veterans live in rural areas. In rural areas, broadband internet is not as common. There are so many resources that are made available to veterans after they return from service. However, without access to the internet, it is a lot harder for veterans to find out about these programs and get access to them. In rural areas, television white space can be used instead of broadband to provide internet access. Television white space refers to unused TV cables.

Many activist groups have been working on encouraging the FCC to make sure that veterans have easy access to the internet. It can change the lives of many veterans.