US Veterans Protest against Installation of Oil Pipeline in North Dakota

US veterans from various military branches have joined North Dakota residents and other activists in demonstrations against the installation of an oil pipeline in Standing Rock, North Dakota. The protests have been ongoing since April 2016. The protesters were recently ordered to leave the area but even the bitter cold does not seem to be a deterrent to them. Among the protesters are environmental activists who claim that the oil pipeline will contaminate Standing Rock’s water source. Besides this, the oil pipeline will also run over sacred burial sites and this has infuriated North Dakota residents.


Michael Wood, a former US Marine, is the leader of the veterans’ group of protesters. There have been accusations of police beating up peaceful protesters and Mr. Wood was appalled by this as the demonstrations are peaceful. The veterans have a Facebook page through which they urge the public to support them by making donations to cater for the various needs of the protesters and other aspects of the campaign. They have raised more than $1 million and are expecting many more people to join the protests. The protesters want the pipeline to be rerouted so as not to interfere with the local water source and the sacred burial sites.


The veterans are determined to fight for this cause as they believe it is a worthy one. They have truthfully and honorably served the US for years and continue to do so even in their retirement. They urge volunteers who want to join in the protests to be peaceful and not to carry any drugs or weapons to the protests.