Arts in the Armed Forces Connects Veterans with Acting Opportunities for Theatre and Stage

Adam Driver heads a nonprofit that seeks soldiers for the stage. His nonprofit, Arts in the Armed Forces, exists to match military and family members with theatre and acting opportunities in their community. Veterans get to interact with actors, playwrights, and directors. The nonprofit also aims to help service members to eventually produce a play of their own.

His organization has recently announced a $10,000 grant to an ex-service member who will produce a new play. The play, “Jesus Hopped the A Train,” featured a reading with Mark Ruffalo and Laurence Fishburne. This is an exciting development. Driver’s nonprofit is currently reaching out to cadets, women, men, veterans, and current service members to provide a platform and environment where members can tap their inner creativity.

It is all positive and good, as it gives those connected with the military an outlet to make an impact and tell their story. Adam Driver served in the Marine Corps, and later went on to study acting at Juilliard. A goal of his is to help dispel negative perceptions about military-affiliated persons with respect to cultural awareness, sophistication, and appetite for the performing arts.

Achieving this will be a huge plus for everyone, and will certainly benefit soldiers of every stripe and walk of life who participate in the program. It will also be a plus for industry professionals to give back to those who have served to protect America’s freedoms.

More Veterans Using Medical Marijuana to Treat PTSD

The problems connected to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been connected to military veterans seemingly forever, though the actual designation has seen an evolution over that time frame. Much of the medical attention toward this issue over the past few generations have been directed at finding ways to reduce, if not eliminate the problem. That’s because of the very real dangers that can often lead to those veterans taking their own lives.

Legislation in New York that coincided with Veterans Day celebrations is in the process of being finalized that will allow veterans suffering from PTSD to use medical marijuana to treat their problem. Currently, 28 states have already included the disorder within the medical treatment programs that have been established, a number that’s effectively been doubled in just the past three years.

Much of the recent push has been driven by groups that represent veterans’ interests, including the American Legion. While there’s been no definitive studies to show that PTSD can deliver effective results, countless anecdotal cases have shown that the anxiety that many veterans have felt upon their return home has been reduced by having access to medical marijuana.

The inclusion of the American Legion when it comes to the concept’s vocal advocates may seem to be strange to some observers, considering that the organization has long been seen as one that possesses strong conservative roots. However, the organization agreed to lobby for greater use when members specifically noted the aid they had been receiving from such usage.

US Navy Veteran, Azreil Blackman, is Rewarded by the American Airlines

Throughout history, working in the American airlines has had its benefits, and recently, the airline demonstrated how they pay their employees by awarding their 91-year-old employee with a Boeing 777 plane for working for 75 years with the airline. Azreil Al Blackman states that he does not consider retiring at his age. The American Airlines, on the other hand, has no problem with his continued service indicating that he is one of the most valued employees and is knowledgeable on most of the airline’s operations. The event happened at the John F. Kennedy International Airport where the curtain dropped to reveal the Boeing 777.

His Known Accolades

Azreil Al Blackman is a former US Navy service member, and when he got employment at American Airlines 75 years ago, he has never looked back serving the airline with both diligence and professionalism. He has also been awarded by the Guinness World Records as having the longest career as a mechanic in an airline. The Boeing 777 carries more than 240 people, and he hopes to continue flying especially now that he has an airplane. His zeal and ability to work long hours make him a mentor not only for mechanics in the airline, but also others in other airlines.

Pride in the American History

American Airlines decision to award Azreil Al Blackman is deemed as one of the perks that make the US great. The people take pride in the knowledge that the American companies reward their employees and that culture began centuries ago. Veterans have been continuously getting awarded for their services to the nation and for the innovations and hard work in companies they work for after serving their military duties. The American culture is embedded in tales of success, and when the Airline decided to award Azreil Al Blackman, they were following in the important tradition.

Cohen Veterans Network: An Organization That Is Helping Veterans

Veterans are no longer confined to only the Veterans Affairs hospital for treatment; instead, Cohen Veterans Network (CVN), a private program for military veterans, will ensure that veterans do not have to pay for any of their treatments. Cohen Veterans Network relies on public donations and efforts to provide treatment to veterans and does not depend on the government for any excess funds.

CVN was founded by Stephen A. Cohen, a hedge fund manager. After communicating with several U.S. veterans, he decided to create CVN to eliminate their problems. Moreover, CVN was established upon the principle of assuring people, especially American veterans, that they do not have to wait for medical treatment. According to one of the doctors at CVN: “When people call the clinic we can offer an appointment within a week, so there’s not really a wait time.” Currently, there are five CVN clinics throughout the country, all of which are operating efficiently.

Many believe that organizations such as Cohen Veterans Network could be a solution, or for the least, an alternative, to the Veterans Affairs. Having such organizations will fix problems with the Veterans Affairs, including accessibility.

CVN does not only serve veterans but also their families. This is one of the various reasons as to why it can be beneficial to millions of people. For example, being away from a military husband can create emotional or mental problems. With the services of CVN, both the father and his wife are able to get the full treatment.

Veterans Games for the Disabled

Veterans are instrumental individuals in the society. These are the people who maintain peace in the community as either army people or police officers. Upon retiring, they become helpful within the society. Some veterans experience post traumatic stress leaving their families and friends depressed. To help such individuals, some games are conducted. Such games include wheelchair games. In 2016, there are wheelchair games that were done to cheer disabled veterans. One such veteran is Jeff Deleon who hails from Oregon. He signed up for the seven events. Later on, he announced that he is planning on winning gold medals. It is projected that most veterans are inclined on winning during these games. According to the Veterans Wheelchair Committee of Games, the 37th game of the event brings forth an array of opportunities for disabled veterans.


The objective of the veteran’s games is giving the disabled veterans a chance to experience various wheelchair sports by exposing them to multiple as well as organized wheelchair sports and recreation activities. These games play a fundamental role in encouraging the veterans to be aware of their capabilities in life. The games also encourage healthy activities by promoting sports. Being a representation of the events that the department of veterans indulges in every year, there is usually a segment of sports from various corporate as well as community sponsors.


From 1985, the department of veteran’s affairs initiated a collaboration of games to organize as well as execute national activities that support veterans. The initiative enables the organization to collaborate with the aim of empowering disabled veterans. The event is a world class honorary activity that is recognized internationally. Among the people who can participate are veterans with spinal cord injuries, amputation, neurological injuries as well as wheelchairs for sports. The games are initiated every year and participation is open to every interested member.


A legislation that is bound to address the way veterans are taken care of is cooking in the Senate, albeit silently.
While the rest of the Senate is engaged in fights over unmet deadlines and pending bills, the Veteran Affairs committee has immersed itself in drafting a legislation which may determine the care given to the nation’s 21 million veterans. If passed, it could as well hand Mr. Trump a relief, given the dire need for working policies his government is in.
Among the overreaching agreements in the policy cutting across bipartisan lines is the creation of The Secretary of Veterans Affairs docket. Passed with commendable ease by both the Republicans and Democrats, it becomes the first cabinet seat to be passed with such a high approval from the house.
The Veterans Choice Program, which caters for veteran’s health care needs in private facilities, also got a temporary funding in the proposed policy changes. Other instrumental changes relate to firing and hiring in the department and the disability benefits appeal.
These laws are being created at a time when Congress finds itself time-strapped as the August recess draws closer. The agreements from both political divides do not necessarily reflect a lack of ideological differences, as the Choice Program has been one of the most vehemently argued on.
The ability to maintain this political bipartisanship will be determined by the lawmakers’ determination to fix the program permanently. However, lawmakers observe that care for the veterans has for a long time been given bipartisan approaches, acknowledging that caring for those who served the country in uniform has long been largely a bipartisan pursuit but it’s time the debate was approached differently.
Underlining the importance of uniting and debating logically for such a worthy course, Johnny Isakson, the Republican chairman of Senate Committee Veterans’ Affair said that discussions are aimed at finding long-term solutions and do not amount to fighting for the sake of it.

Cohen Veteran Network Provides Free Mental Health Care for Veterans

Many times veterans find a tough time that local veteran hospitals do not provide treatment options for mental health issues. Even if they can get some assistance, people have to wait for a long time to meet a professional and to get the assistance. Now there is good news that a private program named Cohen Veterans Network is providing assistance to military veterans with high-quality mental health care options.

Currently, the clinic network has branches in five locations, and four more new offices are scheduled to inaugurate in the coming months. The clinics of the network try to offer comprehensive solutions focusing mental health and looking to provide services without any delay. “We ensure that people get an appointment within a week when they call to fix an appointment, and that makes there is a negligible waiting time,” said Dr. Amy Williams, the clinical director of north Texas location.

The Cohen network is set up by Steven A. Cohen, a prominent hedge fund manager, and it offers free treatment options that are supported by charity contributions. Interestingly, the network also serves the families of veterans as well, and that means, the spouse and children of a veteran can also avail the free medical aid. The network has a focus on the well-being of the entire family, and it claims that all the military families have responded very positively to the services.

It should be noted that treating the family of veterans and their family are not something VA is efficiently doing or setup to do so. The veteran health care needs are a long-time hot discussion topic, and there is a criticism that VA is not providing a qualified service to the people who served the country. The initiatives like Cohen Veterans Network can address the issues with best possible care and additional options to the military family.

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US Business Veteran, Richard Branson, Influences Global Change

In most cases, people who have a lot tend to forget those who have less especially in today’s world where money and wealth have been equated to power. The world today desperately lacks enough personnel that are among the power elite to carry a torch of change. Nevertheless, there exist a few such as the veteran businessman and a humanitarian, Sir Richard Branson.

Richard Branson is the owner of the Virgin Brand, which has over 360 companies, and he is considered as a mega-success not only in America, but also in the world. At the age of 58, Richard is determined more than ever to leave the world in a better shape for the generations to come. He is now paying attention to mentorship programs for the youth and using avenues available to save lives through his experience, knowledge, human, and financial resource. He recently founded Virgin Unite, a non-profitable organization that plays a significant role in humanitarian activities.

He is not only focused on humanitarian matters, but also on entrepreneurship mentorship programs to help young and old individuals dive into business more confidently. Based on an interview with Steven Bertoni, Branson explained that his intentions were to start entrepreneurship mentorship and help people learn more about risk taking. He revealed that his goal is to make a difference at both the local and international level. With hundreds of companies under his control, Branson is comfortable handling more than one project at a time, and just like he did with his businesses, he is convinced that he will use the same approach to save the world.

The Medical Services Received By United States Veterans Are Functioning Poorly

When Donald Trump was still on his campaign trail he made a comment regarding the United States Veteran’s. He said if he ever heard any complaints about the health care system that operates through Veterans’ Affairs he would simply pick up his phone and make certain he fixed the problem himself.

Almost a year has passed since President Donald Trump made the comment and many individuals find it extremely difficult to believe he has not heard any complaints yet. United States Veterans are struggling with a health care system that has poor service, limited access and must function with bureaucratic operational processes and systems. For more information regarding the healthcare available for United States Veterans please visit

Congress made an attempt to improve the care received by United States Veterans in 2014. This was accomplished with the use of a provision in the Veterans Access, Accountability, and Choice Act. This act is responsible for the direction of the Veterans Health Administration referred to as the VHA. Congress felt a temporary program was needed and would give United States Veterans a much better choice. Unfortunately the reform brought nothing but minimal benefits to the Veterans. These problems are absolutely unacceptable for the men and women who have served the United States. All United States Veterans deserve a health care system that is always available to fulfill their needs, capable of delivering excellent patient care with wait times as short as possible and prompt access.

David Shulken is the Secretary of Veteran Affairs and attended the Stand To Summit on July 23rd of 2017. The summit was held at the George Bush Institute In Washington. He made a statement in regards to the United States Veterans because he feels the current system in functioning poorly and is not delivering the services required by the Veterans. He stated this could not continue.

Timothy Wright is Awarded Following His Service to the State during Deployment

The benefits of having veterans in a state include enjoying protection offered by patriarchs. Timothy Wright is one such democrat who served the state by protecting citizens against harm from different states. After serving the state for years, Tim filed a case against Jamestown City. This followed his service to the nation as a police officer. The detective filed complaints stating that the police department mistreated him when he was serving in the army.


Timothy Wright is currently serving as a chief police officer in Carroll. He filed the complaint in 2007. The case was classified under the rights act in clause 1994. Tim also complained about the department denying him some of the officer’s basic rights including a vacation. He was also denied a deserved promotion. According to Mr. Michael Macomber, his legal representative, Timothy Wrights had been deployed in 2004 following his mission in Iraq. He also served in Afghanistan for six months in 2009.


In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled against Timothy’s case stating that the claims were not valid. The ruling indicated that the time set aside for vacation was not calculated fairly. The police department, as well as the city, filed a court appeal which was later dropped. Seeing as the appeal was dropped, the Supreme Court offered a settlement worth $ 44,565 as compensation for mistreatment. The amount came in after a long haul of case proceedings in court. Tim was also awarded an additional amount of $ 44,656 to cover the damages and $ 83,000 to cater for the attorney’s fees.


According to Macomber, the ruling is a win for the veterans. This is a clear indication that most veterans who sought justice would be rewarded according to their input in the state. It also indicated that veterans who had pending cases in courts would be taken care of eventually.