Trump Tweet Touts “Tremendous Progress” at the VA

President Donald Trump, who promised sweeping changes to the VA during his campaign, tweeted that he is making “tremendous progress” at the distressed agency. Earlier in the week, Trump signed an executive order creating an accountability office at the VA. The new office would protect whistleblowers from ridicule by fellow employees of the VA. Known as the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection, Trump stated the new office would ensure that substandard care for veterans will never be acceptable.


The secretary of the VA, David Shulkin, said the new office would remove so-called “barriers” that prevent the agency from transferring or firing problematic employees. Many in the VA argue it is next to impossible to terminate “bad managers’ because of the long grievance process required by union rules. President Trump also signed a bill extending a program under the VA allowing some veterans to seek medical care outside of the department’s network. IN 2014, several veterans died as they waited for care at the Phoenix VA Medical Center.


According to the Los Angeles Times, the VA will not hire new employees to staff the new accountability office. Instead, existing employees will transfer into the new department despite an agency-wide shortage of employees. Shulkin said he did not have specific dollar amounts on how much the new department would cost, but he noted it will take a “substantial commitment.”



Mr. Trump’s Tear-Down Budget

Mick Mulvaney, the Budget Director for White House, has defended the approval of the president to reduce the military budget for 2018. This is one of the most prominent promises Trump made to the people during his campaign. He is also determined to relieve the stress accrued on the people due to heavy taxation. For this reason, he will be seen as a man who keeps his promises. According to Trump, he is prepared to spend heavily on Military and borders. This is one of the greatest things he intends to do for the people. For those who need to eliminate business strategies, they must seek their intention to engage in all entities that will give them profit.


It is turning out that he will spend much less on areas like education and infrastructure that need attention due to the aging roads in the United States. This is also one area that he is failing the American people. Due to the intensity animated in the budget, people must seek their business capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. According to political analysts, this is a political document. Because he will realize that he is doing much to detain the people on education, he will see better ways of increasing tax. This action will bring down the American people in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Trump has increased the state budget by more than 29 percent. According to him, this increment denotes economic growth.

Problems Continue at Phoenix VA Hospital

Since whistleblowers disclosed three years ago that the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Hospital left over 1,400 veterans without care, little has changed except for a new round of harassment, according to sources. Back in January, the Office of Special Counsel reported thousands of Phoenix-area veterans went without care, and 215 of them died in the past two years. In 2014, President Obama promised that the U.S. government would take care of the veterans who use the Phoenix VA hospital.


A mandate that required the hospital to see veterans within one month has had little effect, according to sources. Reports indicate that more than 1,000 veterans still wait more than one month for appointments or to receive care. One whistleblower who brought the situation to light now claims that the Phoenix VA hospital and administrators are now harassing him. He proclaims that he is under surveillance and constant investigation. The whistleblower is an employee of the hospital.


A spokesman for the Phoenix VA denied the Iraqi war veteran and employee of the hospital is not under investigation or surveillance. Paul Coupaud did state that the Administrative Investigation’s Board was looking into possible harassment and allegations of harassment. Sen. John McCain of Arizona wrote a letter to the Head of the VA at the time, Robert McDonald, demanding answers as to why veterans must wait more than a month for care.


President Donald Trump nominated David Shulkin as his pick for Secretary of Veterans Affairs back in early January. Several candidates at the time withdrew their names from consideration. President Trump vowed to reform the VA during his campaign, and at one time promised veterans he would set up a special hotline at the White House to field complaints about the VA and the health care system. President Trump promised to “make the VA great again.”




Betsy DeVos: Changing the Face of Politics in Education

Betsy DeVos steps into the national spotlight as the United States Secretary of Education. Though new to the national platform, DeVos has been in the public eye as a businesswoman, politician and philanthropist for decades.

DeVos came under fire by some for her stance on charter schools, school vouchers and what some say is a way to make all public schools private. In the article, “Why not give Betsy DeVos and school vouchers a try” some people stand behind her stating public employee unions that oversee the current school system might not have the children’s best interests at heart. Other say as long as we stand together whether it’s about the public school system or public roads, we are strongest. One person actually went as far to say Democrats should open their arms to this Republican support of Islam which is not usual. Most people agree education is about what is best for the students no matter what system they use to learn. Check this related article from

DeVos comes from a wealthy family in Michigan, an heir to the Amway fortune. She quickly got into politics. DeVos was a delegate for the Michigan Republican Party, a Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan and chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. DeVos then became the finance chairperson for the Bush Administration’s National Republican Senatorial Committee. Throughout this time she was a strong supporter or charter schools, school vouchers and education as a whole.

Whether people agree or disagree with Betsy DeVos approach to education, no one can argue she does many philanthropic activities and raises funds for many projects. DeVos and her husband began the Windquest Group in 1989. This company invested in technology, clean energy and manufacturing. The same year DeVos launched the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This foundation supports community, arts, justice, leadership and education. DeVos and the foundation made over $11.6 million in 2015. This catapulted the DeVos family on the Forbes list in the top 24 of the country’s givers. This foundation donated millions to hospitals, Christian schools, missions as well as many other organizations. Her critics shout DeVos has no public education experience; however, her track record with charter schools proves this isn’t true. Millions of dollars from her foundations directly aided charter schools.

Standing behind her love for education, the DeVos foundation gave over five million to charter schools, over eight million to private Christian schools and almost $60,000 to public schools. They don’t stop at schools, but even put money into college students’ education. DeVos also gives a yearly scholarship, the Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship, to students at Northwood University earning a BBA or combined BBA/MBA.

Visit Betsy’s website:

Donald Trump’s Online Reputation: A Veteran’s Take

Opinions about Trump’s reputation are split down the middle in the US. His supporters are willing to believe his slogan of “make America great again”, while people who hate him are terrified of what will happen if he’s elected. Either way, Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the country. He’d need a product way more powerful than BrandYourself’s online reputation management tool to fix that.  According to US news, President Obama claims that Trump’s campaign is the first matter that world leaders mention. Obama stated that when people like Trump don’t care about reason or facts, it’s basically impossible to make good decisions for future generations and goes against the values of tolerance and respect. This has been apparent even before Trump was the main Republican nominee. His promises of deporting all immigrants, including Muslims, and having Mexico pay for a wall that would prevent their people from coming to the States established his reputation as an intolerant and racist bigot.

As Trump’s campaign continued, his online reputation got worse with every lie, insult and hateful comment that came out of his mouth. The fact that media outlets like Fox News didn’t even call-out Trump but aired all of his outrageous statements, getting him more popularity didn’t help at all. Eventually, the rest of the world became aware of Trump’s reputation, angered by everything he had said. Today, many people worry that Trump is a danger to the country and others as well. Some have even called him out on his terrible behavior while the less informed and educated continue to support him, unaware of his intentions.