How Veterans Charities Need to Improve

People are starting to point out problems when it comes to charities for veterans. Some charities are using telemarketers. These telemarketers call homes and attempt to get people to donate money to veterans.

The problem with this is that the telemarketers often take a lot of the money for their own salaries and to cover fees. Veterans are not getting most of the money that was donated to them.

Arthur Hampton is a case in point. He hired telemarketers to get people to donate to Circle of Friends for American Veterans. The telemarketers took ninety percent of the donations, and Hampton himself took well over three hundred thousand dollars in compensation.

Hampton then moved on to political fundraising for action groups that would support veterans. Here too, it seems like he benefited financially. He created a PAC, but telemarketers took 1.3 million dollars out of the 1.5 million dollars that were raised, and Hampton himself took seventy five thousand dollars in the first nine months.

It is not against the law for telemarketers to take money to cover expenses as long as they do not lie about it. However, it is clear that reforms must be made. People are under the impression that they are donating to veterans, but most of their money is not going to where they think it is going. It is time for charities to take an honest look at themselves and what they are doing.