Military Honors Harley Clarke

Harley Clarke recently passed away. He was a member of the Navy, and he was honored for his military service at his funeral. The funeral took place at the Alfred G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cementery. Harley was known for being a private and stubborn man. He worked as an inventory clark at a military brokerage. He was known for raising and lowering the flag every day.

Harley passed away in August 2017 at the age of 71. No one claimed his body for one month. A former co-worker got in touch with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3160 and made arrangements for the funeral. The members did not know Harley, but that did not matter.

Harley was honorably discharged for the military in 1989. He spent 23 years in the military before he was discharged. He had several interests outside of the military. He loved cameras and guns. He did not talk about his family much. However, he reportedly had a daughter.

Max Reyes is one of Harley’s former co-workers. He has happy memories and considered Max to be family. Harley would often spend the weekend with Max’s family. Harley would also give Max’s sons $5 for every A that they had on their report card. Harley was also there when the twins graduated from high school.

Max stated that he discovered that Harley was dead after he did not come to work. He and another co-worker went to Harley’s home and discovered his body. Harley had not been feeling well for a few days.

Veterans Games for the Disabled

Veterans are instrumental individuals in the society. These are the people who maintain peace in the community as either army people or police officers. Upon retiring, they become helpful within the society. Some veterans experience post traumatic stress leaving their families and friends depressed. To help such individuals, some games are conducted. Such games include wheelchair games. In 2016, there are wheelchair games that were done to cheer disabled veterans. One such veteran is Jeff Deleon who hails from Oregon. He signed up for the seven events. Later on, he announced that he is planning on winning gold medals. It is projected that most veterans are inclined on winning during these games. According to the Veterans Wheelchair Committee of Games, the 37th game of the event brings forth an array of opportunities for disabled veterans.


The objective of the veteran’s games is giving the disabled veterans a chance to experience various wheelchair sports by exposing them to multiple as well as organized wheelchair sports and recreation activities. These games play a fundamental role in encouraging the veterans to be aware of their capabilities in life. The games also encourage healthy activities by promoting sports. Being a representation of the events that the department of veterans indulges in every year, there is usually a segment of sports from various corporate as well as community sponsors.


From 1985, the department of veteran’s affairs initiated a collaboration of games to organize as well as execute national activities that support veterans. The initiative enables the organization to collaborate with the aim of empowering disabled veterans. The event is a world class honorary activity that is recognized internationally. Among the people who can participate are veterans with spinal cord injuries, amputation, neurological injuries as well as wheelchairs for sports. The games are initiated every year and participation is open to every interested member.