Talk Fusion Adds WebRTC Recorder To Its Software Package

Talk Fusion, a major video marketing enterprise has developed a new app that allows users to record high quality videos to use for personal or business purposes. This WebRTC Recorder works as a browser plugin that starts recording the user’s webcam with the click of a button, and the recorded video can be sent via Talk Fusion’s email program or newsletter. This company is a prominent leader in email video marketing and has developed videoconferencing tools that require little overhead, and are easy to setup and use. This is one of a plethora of tools Talk Fusion has available in their free trials package.

Bob Reina, a former police officer and rising star in direct selling, founded the company from a simple idea of integrating video into emails. No, not attaching a video file to an email, but opening up an email and having a video play right inside the text portion of the email without taking up any wasted space. It took a little time to develop, but a friend of Reina’s was able to do it, and from that point on Talk Fusion took off and became a premier direct selling company for video marketing solutions. They’ve since added video newsletters and meeting tools.

Talk Fusion’s direct selling model is designed so that their associates sell the video marketing products straight to their customers. The associates earn commission-based pay whenever customers buy a product from them or sign up for a trial period on the products. Talk Fusion gives commission bonuses and rewards based off certain points programs that track their sales volumes and referrals to the programs. In some cases if associates have made extremely high sales volumes, they may be eligible for high end rewards such as vacations to tropical locations, a new and expensive luxury car, or even exotic jewelry.