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Cohen Veterans Network: An Organization That Is Helping Veterans

Veterans are no longer confined to only the Veterans Affairs hospital for treatment; instead, Cohen Veterans Network (CVN), a private program for military veterans, will ensure that veterans do not have to pay for any of their treatments. Cohen Veterans Network relies on public donations and efforts to provide treatment to veterans and does not depend on the government for any excess funds.

CVN was founded by Stephen A. Cohen, a hedge fund manager. After communicating with several U.S. veterans, he decided to create CVN to eliminate their problems. Moreover, CVN was established upon the principle of assuring people, especially American veterans, that they do not have to wait for medical treatment. According to one of the doctors at CVN: “When people call the clinic we can offer an appointment within a week, so there’s not really a wait time.” Currently, there are five CVN clinics throughout the country, all of which are operating efficiently.

Many believe that organizations such as Cohen Veterans Network could be a solution, or for the least, an alternative, to the Veterans Affairs. Having such organizations will fix problems with the Veterans Affairs, including accessibility.

CVN does not only serve veterans but also their families. This is one of the various reasons as to why it can be beneficial to millions of people. For example, being away from a military husband can create emotional or mental problems. With the services of CVN, both the father and his wife are able to get the full treatment.

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