Donald Trump’s Online Reputation: A Veteran’s Take

Opinions about Trump’s reputation are split down the middle in the US. His supporters are willing to believe his slogan of “make America great again”, while people who hate him are terrified of what will happen if he’s elected. Either way, Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the country. He’d need a product way more powerful than BrandYourself’s online reputation management tool to fix that.  According to US news, President Obama claims that Trump’s campaign is the first matter that world leaders mention. Obama stated that when people like Trump don’t care about reason or facts, it’s basically impossible to make good decisions for future generations and goes against the values of tolerance and respect. This has been apparent even before Trump was the main Republican nominee. His promises of deporting all immigrants, including Muslims, and having Mexico pay for a wall that would prevent their people from coming to the States established his reputation as an intolerant and racist bigot.

As Trump’s campaign continued, his online reputation got worse with every lie, insult and hateful comment that came out of his mouth. The fact that media outlets like Fox News didn’t even call-out Trump but aired all of his outrageous statements, getting him more popularity didn’t help at all. Eventually, the rest of the world became aware of Trump’s reputation, angered by everything he had said. Today, many people worry that Trump is a danger to the country and others as well. Some have even called him out on his terrible behavior while the less informed and educated continue to support him, unaware of his intentions.

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