Dr. Shulkin Creating Change Within Veteran Healthcare

In February Dr. Shulkin was appointed the new VA secretary. Dr. Shukin admits that our veterans face more disabilities and mental health problems then veterans ten years ago did. He is working with U.S.Vets and pushing for reform. U.S.Vets has been working in communities across the United States for more then two decades. Dr. Shukin knows that teaming up with them will help provide veterans the necessary care, both physical and mental, that they require.

One change that Dr. Shulkin wanted to immediately implement was the level of education for those professionals working with veterans. By hiring a staff of mental health professionals with Masters degrees Dr. Shulkin hopes to start seeing increased levels of efficiency with care. Those with Master’s level case managers will hopefully be brought back to self-efficiency in a smoother manner. Suicide prevention is one the top concerns of U.SVets. Veterans are at a 21% higher risk of committing suicide due to trauma from combat, sexual assault or even life prior to deployment. By providing more equipped mental health specialists Dr. Shulkin is hoping to reduce the amount of veteran suicides.

White U.S.Vets make outreach to homeless vets their main priority, Dr. Shulkin is hoping to expand veteran outreach. During his time at the Department of Veterans Affairs he is hoping to find ways to provide better access to care to vets who use the Choice Care program to gain access to healthcare. Additionally Dr. Shulkin needs to focus resources on aging veterans who are also in need of the healthcare that they earned. It is quite a task to work on change and improvement within the VA but Dr. Shulkin is hopeful to make a possitive influence for the veterans who have given so much and earned the healthcare they deserve.

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