Fox News Steers Interview To Sway The Poorly Educated, Gets Schooled By Thor Halvorssen

Donald Trump recently said that he loves the poorly educated in a campaign speech. It may turn out that poorly educated voters support Donald Trump. And unfortunately, poorly educated voters can be swayed by the national media very easily. Fox News may have been aiming at these poorly educated voters in a recent interview with Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

The subject of the interview was socialism, but Thor Halvorssen may have not known that beforehand. In fact, he probably didn’t. It seems kind of silly for the conservative news network to bring on a famous human rights activist to define a form of government. After all, Thor Halvorssen’s area of expertise is human rights and human rights violations, especially those committed by authoritarian dictators throughout the world.

The interview begins suspiciously, with the Fox News anchor asking why socialism violates basic human rights. It doesn’t, he said. He then thoughtfully explains that socialism is a tool, and like all tools it can be used for good or bad. The banner below the interview then begins to read “Socialism Violates Rights”. Thor Halvorssen has to dig in and explain socialism to the hostess and the viewers of Fox News. He’s cut off. The anchor does not want to get “bogged down in details” and quickly tries to get the human rights activist to say socialism is evil. If they can persuade a few low information voters, Fox News can guarantee less votes for the insurgent campaign of Bernie Sanders.

But the network may have pushed film producter Thor Halvorssen a bit too far. He counterattacks with the fact that he supports Bernie Sanders and has donated $2700 to the Democratic Socialists campaign. It makes sense. Thor Halvorssen, like Bernie Sanders, has spent years fighting for equality and justice and has gone against the mainstream to expose corruption at any level. He continued to express concern over Hillary Clinton, who he claims has taken millions of dollars in campaign contributions from countries like Saudi Arabia which violate human rights. The shocked anchor then wraps up the interview quickly so those low information voters do not get swayed by Thor Halvorssen’s humanity

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