Highland Capital Management Is An Investment Adviser Company Who Cares

Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser company that employs some of the industry’s most experienced credit managers who specialize in alternative global investments. While managing $14 billion in assets, on a yearly basis, the company has found a lot of its success through focusing on credit hedge funds, special situation private equities, and emerging market investments. The company has offices in Seoul, New York, Singapore, and Sao Paulo, but is based in Dallas, Texas. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Recently, during 2017, Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd. closed a deal worth $147 million in the healthcare field. The company looks to continue to work with Korean private equity and venture capital firm, Stonebridge Capital, which makes this its first healthcare-focused endeavor in Asia. This makes a lot sense because Highland Capital is an expert in the healthcare industry spending 50% of its time working in it. In fact, over $1.5 billion in assets in the healthcare industry are being managed by the company.

Highland Capital cares deeply about the communities it serves and invests in plenty of other markets other than the financial industry. It has made money donations to local community organizations as well as national organizations that work on a non-profit model to better the world. On top of this, the company gets directly involved in its communities through volunteering and being part of the advisory boards of charities. To date, Highland Capital has donated over $10 million to different non-profits and other organizations globally. Read this article at PR Newswire.

Highland Capital Management offers a large variety of career opportunities to people all over the world. By becoming a part of a team that has so much experience, employees can expect to learn a lot more about investing than they know now. The company looks to hire people who have a remarkable track record, work well with teams, have good ethics, and look to become part of a company that fosters success in its partners. Its website shows that it is hiring a Consultant Relations Director, Executive Assistant, External Wholesaler/Regional Sales Director, Institutional Fundraiser – Europe, Institutional Fundraiser – US Sales, and many more positions.

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