Holocaust Survivor Donates $1 Million To US Veterans

Bernard Darty is a 83-year-old man who lived through the French holocaust. He recently gave $1 million to relief programs that are designed to help U.S. Veterans. He stated that he donated to support the veterans that saved his life during World War II.

Bernard’s family moved to France in 1939 in order to escape the Nazis. His father went into hiding in 1942. His mother was arrested and sent to Auschwitz, which is where she died. Bernard hid with his siblings for two years. He stated that he vividly remembers the American troops that came to rescue him in 1944.

Bernard stated that the troops were his saviors. He stated that he can never thank the troops enough for what they have done. He stated that his family would not have survived if it had not been for the heroic actions of the troops.

Bernard has his own company called the Darty Group. This is an electrical retail company. It operates 340 stores in the United States and European countries. He now resides in Paris, but he travels to Miami, Beach Florida during the winter.

It has been over 70 years since Bernard was rescued. However, he stated that it is never too late to repay someone. He stated that he realized how important it is to give back when he heard about the flooding, wildfires and hurricanes that struck America.

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