Is Offline Media The Benchmark For The Success Of Podcasts?

Podcasts are like radio broadcasts except that they are available through the internet instead of on a radio station. One Forbes contributing author and podcast creator herself, has pondered the future of the podcast. She has questioned whether the measure of how successful an online podcast is whether it gets into the more established offline media such as radio, magazines and TV.

It is important to note that offline media simply refers to media that is not connected to the internet. So this includes the television which uses satellite signals. Radio use radio signals and are thus not dependent on the internet or even electricity in that matter. Magazines are obviously the oldest form of print media that there is.

So podcasts are broadcast through the internet. They only contain audio and typically involve a person providing news or commentary on some issue such as politics or sports. There is a interesting form of entertainment on podcasts. It includes visual dramas. As you may guess, visual dramas are like TV dramas with no pictures but only sound. They are basically like a story or drama being told to you over the web with no visuals.

Offline media such as radio and TV is still considered to be the dominant form of media when it comes to news, TV shows and films. Increasingly though podcasts are becoming more popular and making a dent in the offline media market. Some podcasts have even gone on to become real radio shows or even real films.

Sarah Werner of Forbes wonders whether is a sign of progression or success or does it represent a limit of podcasts. Can podcasts compete with offline media or is it a different medium with limitations? Whatever your view is, podcasts will continue to innovate, grow and even influence offline media and broadcasting. Maybe new technology can even make pictures more readily available in the future for podcasts.

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