Mizzou Professor Melissa Click Aims to Reform Image

The internet can be called the great equalizer for a ton of reasons. It gives a voice to the oppressed and makes it possible to spread information faster than ever before in history. Unfortunately the internet can also be abused and an ill timed poor moment can go viral, thus marking you for the rest of your life. Missouri Professor Melissa Click found this out first hand when an ill phrased remark was recorded before quickly going viral on the internet.

The setting was a frantic and loud student protest occurring on campus at the University of Missouri. Student journalists and other national reporters were on location to capture the events. Melissa Click, standing between the protesters and journalists, apparently lost her temper when a journalist kept pushing in on her. Click called for ‘muscle’ to help remove the journalist and the scene only escalated from there. The remarks did not land well when they were replayed millions of times on the internet and the professor soon found herself suspended and fired, pending an investigation.

Since the fateful day Click has seen her life dragged through the mud by various politicians and organizations. While her remarks were, without a doubt, terrible are they really the sort of words that should ruin an otherwise spotless 12 year career? Click certainly doesn’t think so and that’s why she quickly turned for help to the Texas based PR firm, Status Labs.

CEO Darius Fisher is a staunch supporter of our right to privacy and so he stood up for the Ashley Madison members even when nobody else would. In that same vein we see that Status Labs is supporting Click, another embattled individual who may be getting the short end of the stick in regards to public relations.

Darius Fisher believes that Click is being unfairly prosecuted and he is working at the forefront to spearhead a PR overhaul for Melissa Click. It remains to be see if Click will save her job, however.

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