More Veterans Using Medical Marijuana to Treat PTSD

The problems connected to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been connected to military veterans seemingly forever, though the actual designation has seen an evolution over that time frame. Much of the medical attention toward this issue over the past few generations have been directed at finding ways to reduce, if not eliminate the problem. That’s because of the very real dangers that can often lead to those veterans taking their own lives.

Legislation in New York that coincided with Veterans Day celebrations is in the process of being finalized that will allow veterans suffering from PTSD to use medical marijuana to treat their problem. Currently, 28 states have already included the disorder within the medical treatment programs that have been established, a number that’s effectively been doubled in just the past three years.

Much of the recent push has been driven by groups that represent veterans’ interests, including the American Legion. While there’s been no definitive studies to show that PTSD can deliver effective results, countless anecdotal cases have shown that the anxiety that many veterans have felt upon their return home has been reduced by having access to medical marijuana.

The inclusion of the American Legion when it comes to the concept’s vocal advocates may seem to be strange to some observers, considering that the organization has long been seen as one that possesses strong conservative roots. However, the organization agreed to lobby for greater use when members specifically noted the aid they had been receiving from such usage.

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