Navy SEAL Commander’s Suicide

Job Price, the Navy SEAL team commander, has been pronounced dead. The occurrence of his death can be best described as suicide. For him, he has engaged in working for the government for over two decades. For this reason, people have developed a norm that military officials are never there to help others in the fight against the nominating ordeals in the government. For those who do not want to engage in architectural designs, they must seek better business entities in the most sophisticated manner. According to a report presented to the government, the individual committed suicide due to the stress he was undergoing leading the military officials.


More news flew in saying that he was stressed by managing the Elite Group of the Navy that can take away your life if you are at loggerheads with them. For those who deal in business deals, you cannot work in this department. He has been suffering from his mental illness for more than three years. He was also stigmatized by engaging in al manners of development facilities to those that cannot be determined in this business. The military is also working hard to develop a better way to summon those seen stigmatizing veterans and other military employees.


More research into the stories that lead to suicide in the military, a revelation has come to the media that the military is one of the most daunting jobs in the world. While most of our young men struggle to commit their businesses, they must work hard and avoid recruitment.

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