November 11 2017 Extends to a Whole Month of Celebration for Veterans

Every year, on November 11, America celebrates those who have served the country in the military – the veterans. They include men and women who have previously served actively in the U.S. armed forces on military duty and are now civilians. On the Veterans Day, with parades and speeches across the US, these brave category of people are duly applauded for the sacrifices and risks they have made for the country with Americans coming together to tell them ‘Thank you’.

The number of veterans in the US is over 19 million and continues to rise. The US government through the Department of Veterans Affairs ensures that veterans are cared for when they return to the U.S from war. Just yesterday, the President Donald Trump signed a proclamation establishing November as a Veterans and Military Families Month with events running throughout the month. It will be the first time that America will celebrate Veterans and Military Families, not just on Veterans Day, but for a whole month.

As part of this year’s events, some veterans will speak to high school students. The event is proposed to raise the awareness and appreciation of those who have served in the military. It will also provide students with service perspective they can’t find in their books. Veterans will be offered VIP treatment including reserved parking spaces, escorts, breakfast, lunch, and more.

On this Veterans Day and the entire month of November, let us unite as Americans to thank the veterans for their service to our nation.

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