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OrganoGold is Trying to Accomplish Something Different

SetVet~March 18, 2016 /Business Talk

There is a fungi that grows on the trunks of living or dead trees. This shelf mushroom is named ganoderma lucidum and is an ancient Chinese herb. The value of ganoderma lucidum inspired a man named Bernardo Chua, of Chinese descent, to find a way to bring this Chinese herb to the masses. You can see from Facebook history that Bernardo Chua moved from the Philippines and started a company with this vision named OrganoGold. He started with a small store in Canada and has grown his dream into a worldwide network marketing company. Selling coffee, tea, and cocoa products, nutritional supplements, and personal care products all infused with ganoderma lucidum.

Adding ganoderma to the products is a process where the mushrooms are dried out and then ground up to a very fine powder which is then added to OrganoGold’s products. The mushrooms grown by OrganoGold are grown organically and not in the mass produced process which takes some of the strength out of the mushrooms. It has been believed for hundreds of years that ganoderma has incredible medicinal benefits. The ganoderma lucidum used in OrganoGold’s products has been shown to be an antioxidant, lower cholesterol, and boost immunity. But that is just the tip of the iceberg as this amazingly beneficial herb continues to be researched by OrganoGold to find more of its benefits.

As a direct marketing company OrganoGold gives individuals the opportunity to build a business with their products. CrunchBase shows with Mr. Chua’s extensive background in direct sales, the company is consistently growing. Bernardo Chua is one of the most prestigious businessmen in the Pacific Rim and he is constantly looking to educate himself and his company on ganoderma’s benefits while also staying ahead of his competition.

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