Fake News On the Way Out

In a little more than a week, five military personnel have paid the ultimate price to maintain America’s freedom and two Federal Government employees have been called on the carpet relative to the election scandal which makes one wonder why it has taken so long for Facebook to shut down a questionably authentic news page devoted to U.S. Vets. when is the American public going to realize that anybody with access to cyberspace can submit items to social media sites and capture multitudes of followers amounting to an estimated 200,000 on Facebook alone. Bets have not been anted yet for how many social media reps will voluntarily sit down with the U.S. Senate and House Intelligence committee members. According to Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook will be cleaning up its act on her watch.

Rock Star John Fogerty is standing Up for Nam Vets by donating personal funds and calling attention to the almost completed Veterans center in Los Vegas which will offer more just to meet the immediate needs of homeless veterans with a hot meal and a warm place to sleep. This facility, slated to open on Veterans Day November 11. 2017, will offer medical and mental health care as well as avenues to explore for reentry into the workforce.

All Americans need to tune their ears to catch a new song “Love and War” co-written by Fogerty and Brad Paisley that could be a small vehicle on the track of making America great again.

Exploiting Veterans for Profit

Despite the numerous attempts and efforts by the Congress, the Trump administration and state attorney generals to counteract the predatory practices by most of the profit colleges. Service members and veterans who work under the G.I Bill Gates and the defense department to go to school are still under the target by the industry saddling people with useless degrees and debts. According to a recent report by the senate committee, the same warning was issued three years ago in vain. They issued this warning when it came to their attention that there are numerous deceptive practices in the veteran industry. Federal agencies and state attorney generals were investigating seven for-profit companies generating their money from the G.I Bill Gates Foundation. Some of these colleges have shut down their premises.

However, a new scale has been brought forward by the Veteran Education Success. This is one of the few non-profit organizations that offers their legal services to the veteran students at various veteran centers in the United States. This organization found out that the for-profit industry is still working hard to retain their quality and standard in the veteran premises. They are still on sights with the service members and veterans while the non-military enrolment seems to go down each day.

This is a problem that has emerged proficient in the 90/10 rule. This is a rule that was created by the Congress in 1998. This rule also allows the for-profit schools to have more than 90 percent of their profits raised from the federal student’s aid. For this reason, they can use other sources of money to raise the remaining 10 percent of their income. This was a measure taken by the government to prevent the low-quality schools from raising most of their money from the state agencies working to enrich the education standards among the veterans.

Why Veterans Need to Have Access to the Internet

The internet is probably a major part of your life. Most Americans are connected to the internet at home and on-the-go. However, many veterans and military families are lacking access to the internet. The FCC recently announced that they will be reconstructing their Lifeline Program. The Lifeline Program helps low-income families get internet access. Around 12% of Lifeline Program users are veterans. This amounts to 1,300,000 people. This shows us that many veterans and military families are not getting normal internet access. According to The Hill, it is crucial for veterans and military families to be connected to the internet in order to enter the economy.

Veterans deserve to get access to the internet. One common problem that is common for veterans is that they live in rural areas. Around 30% of veterans live in rural areas. In rural areas, broadband internet is not as common. There are so many resources that are made available to veterans after they return from service. However, without access to the internet, it is a lot harder for veterans to find out about these programs and get access to them. In rural areas, television white space can be used instead of broadband to provide internet access. Television white space refers to unused TV cables.

Many activist groups have been working on encouraging the FCC to make sure that veterans have easy access to the internet. It can change the lives of many veterans.

The career and Education Background of James Dondero

James Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia. He obtained the highest honors from the school of commerce in addition to a major in Finance and Accounting. James is the co-founder as well as president of the famous Highland Capital. With more than 30 years of experience, James Dondero worked in the Credit and the equity markets where he specialized in the high-yield investing. Sine the year 1993, High Capital Management has been operating in developing Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and the credit-oriented solutions. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

In 1984, James Dondero started his career as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He then served as the chair of Cornerstone Health center as well as a member of the board at the American Banknote and the MBM Studios. James is an industrious person that has supported an array of initiatives in education, public policy, and community development. Besides, he is one of the Certified Management Accountant (CMA), the designation earned him the right to use the title of a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Mr. James was part of the group that created the GIC subsidiary of protective Life. As the Chief Investment Officer, he assisted in taking the firm from its formation to more than $2 billion in the year between 1989 and 1993. He was a corporate Bond analyst between 1985 and 1989, then a portfolio manager at the American Express.

Under Mr. James Dondero’s tenure, Highland Capital Management has been leading in the development of the collateralized loan obligation (CLO) market as well as advancing in credit-oriented solutions for the institutional and the global retail investors. Highland’s product offered to include the hedge funds, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, private equity funds, CLOS, separate institutional accounts among others. Follow James on Linkedin.

Mr. James Dondero is also the Chairman as well as president of NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc., Chairman of Nexbank Capital, board member of Jernigan Capital, and MGM Holdings, Inc. Besides, he worked at the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Executive Board.

The committed philanthropist, Mr. James is a guy who understands various needs and challenges in the society and the ways to solve them.

Visit: http://www.jamesdondero.com/bio/

Arts in the Armed Forces Connects Veterans with Acting Opportunities for Theatre and Stage

Adam Driver heads a nonprofit that seeks soldiers for the stage. His nonprofit, Arts in the Armed Forces, exists to match military and family members with theatre and acting opportunities in their community. Veterans get to interact with actors, playwrights, and directors. The nonprofit also aims to help service members to eventually produce a play of their own.

His organization has recently announced a $10,000 grant to an ex-service member who will produce a new play. The play, “Jesus Hopped the A Train,” featured a reading with Mark Ruffalo and Laurence Fishburne. This is an exciting development. Driver’s nonprofit is currently reaching out to cadets, women, men, veterans, and current service members to provide a platform and environment where members can tap their inner creativity.

It is all positive and good, as it gives those connected with the military an outlet to make an impact and tell their story. Adam Driver served in the Marine Corps, and later went on to study acting at Juilliard. A goal of his is to help dispel negative perceptions about military-affiliated persons with respect to cultural awareness, sophistication, and appetite for the performing arts.

Achieving this will be a huge plus for everyone, and will certainly benefit soldiers of every stripe and walk of life who participate in the program. It will also be a plus for industry professionals to give back to those who have served to protect America’s freedoms.

More Veterans Using Medical Marijuana to Treat PTSD

The problems connected to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have been connected to military veterans seemingly forever, though the actual designation has seen an evolution over that time frame. Much of the medical attention toward this issue over the past few generations have been directed at finding ways to reduce, if not eliminate the problem. That’s because of the very real dangers that can often lead to those veterans taking their own lives.

Legislation in New York that coincided with Veterans Day celebrations is in the process of being finalized that will allow veterans suffering from PTSD to use medical marijuana to treat their problem. Currently, 28 states have already included the disorder within the medical treatment programs that have been established, a number that’s effectively been doubled in just the past three years.

Much of the recent push has been driven by groups that represent veterans’ interests, including the American Legion. While there’s been no definitive studies to show that PTSD can deliver effective results, countless anecdotal cases have shown that the anxiety that many veterans have felt upon their return home has been reduced by having access to medical marijuana.

The inclusion of the American Legion when it comes to the concept’s vocal advocates may seem to be strange to some observers, considering that the organization has long been seen as one that possesses strong conservative roots. However, the organization agreed to lobby for greater use when members specifically noted the aid they had been receiving from such usage.


Mighty Fortress Church:A Vibrant, Dynamic Minnesota Religious Institution

Minnesota has many beautiful and unique churches with incredible architecture and rich history. They range from old and historic to simple and modern. Stearns County alone has 52 gorgeous Catholic churches.

One of the most outstanding is the elaborate Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New Ulm. Built in 1896, it features Baroque-style architecture, gold-trimmed columns and a clock tower atop its central steeple. The Church of the Sacred Heart in Freeport is the church with the most ornate interior in Stearns County. The Minneapolis landmark Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis was built using Baroque and Beaux-Arts architecture. Its interior is ornate and wonderfully detailed. The Cathedral of St. Paul is Minnesota’s most beautiful church. Modeled after the churches in Paris, the Cathedral has a 186-foot dome and Classical and French Renaissance themes. Constructed in the early 1900s, it’s the United States’ third largest church. View the interactive map at minneapolisnorthwest.com.

Mighty Fortress Church is a well-known Minnesota Christian institution. It’s a place people visit when they want somewhere safe to gain deeper knowledge of and develop a personal relationship with Christ and build meaningful, lasting relationships with other Christians.

Mighty Fortress Church changes lives through worship and practical Bible teaching. They offer authentic worship services as well as relevant biblical messages for living in modern times. Their goal is to build a multi-dimensional dynamic ministry focused on powerful worship as well as victorious Christian living.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/core-values

Mighty Fortress Church provides Christians with services and a welcoming, comfortable, nurturing place where they can feel the presence of God and hear His life-changing word. At Mighty Fortress Church they believe everyone is important and encourage people to come as they are, have an enjoyable experience and contribute to the Christian fellowship.

Bishop T. R. Williams is senior pastor, founder and president of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries. Active in ministry for more than three decades, he has served the church in many different capacities. A ministerial graduate of Tulsa, Oklahoma based Rhema Bible Training Center, Bishop Williams also a BA in Mass Communications and an MA in Organizational Leadership. He is a husband and father of three. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Ed Sheeran’s “Game Of Thrones” Cameo Remains News Days Later

As the days since the return of “Game of Thrones” tick by it is difficult to remember when any casting choice was so hotly debated than that of singer Ed Sheeran making his way to Westeros and appearing in the world’s largest show for no other reason than because he could do so. In contrast, the acting debut of One Direction’s Harry Styles has been praised by critics and shows the different options open to singers who are looking to extend their careers into the world of acting.

Nylon reports the casting process has much to do with the difference in reception for the two stars as they have made an impact in very different ways for their acting debuts in critically acclaimed productions. Styles appears in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk”, which tells the story of the British Expeditionary Force that was stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk and left at the mercy of the Nazi German forces in the opening forays of World War II. The appearance of Styles in the critically acclaimed movie comes after director Nolan stated he had no idea who the former One Direction member was and cast him solely on the strength of his auditions.

Ed Sheeran has faced such a sharp backlash against his “Game of Thrones” appearance that he went so far as to delete his Twitter account after appearing in the show as a soldier singing a song. Sheeran follows members of Snow Patrol and Sugar Rios in appearing in “Game of Thrones”, but few have had such a divisive effect on the fans of any show as that of the British singer.

Is Offline Media The Benchmark For The Success Of Podcasts?

Podcasts are like radio broadcasts except that they are available through the internet instead of on a radio station. One Forbes contributing author and podcast creator herself, has pondered the future of the podcast. She has questioned whether the measure of how successful an online podcast is whether it gets into the more established offline media such as radio, magazines and TV.

It is important to note that offline media simply refers to media that is not connected to the internet. So this includes the television which uses satellite signals. Radio use radio signals and are thus not dependent on the internet or even electricity in that matter. Magazines are obviously the oldest form of print media that there is.

So podcasts are broadcast through the internet. They only contain audio and typically involve a person providing news or commentary on some issue such as politics or sports. There is a interesting form of entertainment on podcasts. It includes visual dramas. As you may guess, visual dramas are like TV dramas with no pictures but only sound. They are basically like a story or drama being told to you over the web with no visuals.

Offline media such as radio and TV is still considered to be the dominant form of media when it comes to news, TV shows and films. Increasingly though podcasts are becoming more popular and making a dent in the offline media market. Some podcasts have even gone on to become real radio shows or even real films.

Sarah Werner of Forbes wonders whether is a sign of progression or success or does it represent a limit of podcasts. Can podcasts compete with offline media or is it a different medium with limitations? Whatever your view is, podcasts will continue to innovate, grow and even influence offline media and broadcasting. Maybe new technology can even make pictures more readily available in the future for podcasts.

What You Need to Know about Health & Fitness


If there is one thing about health and fitness and the constant struggle with weight loss it’s that it is constantly changing. With new fad exercises and diets there is always some new fact coming out that changes the way we lose weight. However, there are certain facts about weight loss that have never changed and remain keys to health and fitness.


Fiber is one of the things that remains an important item in a healthy lifestyle. Fiber is important because it helps in the process of digestion. Any doctor will tell their patients that fiber is necessary. Fiber comes in soluble or insoluble forms. Soluble fibers are known to lower cholesterol levels and keep blood sugar levels in a normal range. Insoluble fibers like brown rice, fruits and vegetables help to treat constipation and keep the intestines healthy and moving.


Vegetables are one of those items that remain an important staple through years of changing diets. Vegetables are crucial in keeping healthy and giving your body the very best fuel to accomplish fitness goals. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and minerals and fiber. They are unfortunately not eaten enough by most people and vegetables must be incorporated into every meal and snack.


The quality of food that we injest is just as important as the amount of kilojoules the food has in it. Buying snacks that have no nutritional value but do have the right amount of kilojoules isn’t the answer either. Fruits like grapes are much better than a small bag of popcorn. A handful of nuts is always a great choice for a snack and much healthier than something processed and the same calories. It’s important to think about what your buying and putting into your body. The quality of food is the quality of the fuel our bodies use in growing, repairing, and also losing unwanted weight.


No more junk food is one rule that everyone has no doubt heard time and time again. Although it’s easy to go to a drive thru for a quick meal it’s not always the best. Programs like NutriSystem make it just as easy to get a quick meal that will give you energy and not break the bank. You can have prepared meals at home that are suited for your own particular diet. These meals can be heated and served in half the time of what it takes to prepare from scratch. These NutriSystem cost sustainable meals also make it a lot easier to stay away from junk foods. Everyone is busy and a great thing is that this company takes away the worry of meal planning. There are options and ways to avoid junk food while making quality decisions in your health.


Exercise has always remained a top priority for fitness. The way to look at exercise is to look at how it makes our bodies feel. If you pay close attention to what you eat and start making better choices your body will repay you. When you put better fuel in your car it helps your car to run smoother. It really isn’t much different with our bodies. For runners this could show in more mileage and less injuries or sore muscles. Heavy lifters may find their weight increasing on the dumbbells because their muscles are recovering properly. Fitness and healthy eating work hand in hand. Once that connection is made it shows.


Taking all of this into account when planning out a healthy lifestyle will help keep excess weight off. The best version of yourself is there and just needs the right kind of healthy choices to keep you operating at 100%.