Projects to Benefit Homeless Veterans Move Ahead in Kansas City

Community organizers in Kansas City are doing everything in their power to develop a small neighborhood of cozy houses for homeless veterans, but their project is moving slower than expected. Instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen, however, they decided to open a new outreach center for veterans, and they managed to do it in just a couple of months.


According to a late March news report published by the Kansas City Star, the opening of the Kansas City Veterans Outreach Center, which is located next to the subdivision to be developed for the benefit of homeless veterans, was created because volunteers do not like sitting around and waiting for lawmakers and regulators to do their jobs. Leaders of the Veterans Community Project realize that they are moving too quickly and too aggressively for politicians and government agencies, but they do not want to stop at this point.


The immediate services that the Veterans Outreach Center will provide will include: legal consultation, job search assistance, computer proficiency training, bus passes, and access to a food pantry.


A local non-profit dedicated to finding solutions for homeless people in Kansas City also thinks that the Veterans Community Project is moving too fast with its lofty goals. The non-profit in question is reStart Inc., which is part of a citywide coalition to help the homeless. Thus far, the veterans who plan to build the small residence for their homeless comrades have not shown too much interest in joining coalitions; they mostly want to get the job done because they believe they can pull it off in record time.


The Veterans Outreach Center is an example of what this group is capable of, and there is an important reason for their “lone wolf” approach: they actually help veterans who have been dishonorably discharged or whose service was limited to reserve duty. In recent years, the United States Veterans Administration has mostly focused on helping those who have served active duty tours during wartime, and thus reservists and others may not get the assistance they need.


For the time being the Veterans Village project is awaiting the installation of sewer lines.


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