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QNET Creates Opportunities for Women and Their Entrepreneurial Ambitions

SetVet~March 21, 2016 /Business/Female Entrepreneurs

The modern day woman desires to be independent and successful in balancing aspects of both life and work. As women we seek to prove the stereotypes wrong, never again to be secluded by the preset societal roles. Measures have been put in place to ensure equal opportunities but current market conditions aren’t quite favorable. As a result of this, the direct selling industry becomes our solace. It offers easy, quick and low risk opportunities to propel our entrepreneurial ambitions.

Importance of Providing Opportunities for Women

The United States Agency International Development (USAID) has emphasized the need to mentor women to become leaders. It has further elaborated that for societies to thrive; girls and women require access to healthcare, technology and education. It has also added that women ought to have control over lands, resources and markets.

QNET is one of the key players in direct selling. It offers low risk opportunities for women everywhere. QNET believes that through empowering young women entrepreneurs, a positive ripple effect will be felt in families and surrounding communities.

Developing Young Women Entrepreneurs

QNET has made strides in support of this cause. In a recent account by the MENA Regional General Manager, Khaled Diab, it was clear that QNET has always been a proud supporter of women’s rights and gender equality. She further explains that the Direct Selling Association is majorly comprised of women with statistics showing 74.4 percent occupancy.

Women should join QNET’s team of direct sellers. It will not only maximize earnings but also allow an effective work-life balance through flexible individual schedules. QNET also offers products relating to women’s health, wellness and beauty. The products include: Swiss-made luxury lady watches and skin care products such as the Physio Radiance.

QNET Profile

Its products fall under: health and wellness, education, holidays, technology, personal care as well as luxury goods. QNET offers its products through its e-commerce platform to its customers in more than 100 countries. The company owns over 25 agencies and offices worldwide with active stockists.

QNET plays a part in the Direct Selling Association within countries such as Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. It remains a proud member of the Health Food Association in Hong Kong as well as Singapore’s Health Supplements Industry Association. QNET is actively involved in sports; it recently offered to sponsor the Manchester City Football Club becoming their official direct selling partner.

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