Recent News About US Veterans

The attention of United States Veterans and their families all across America and those serving around the globe is focused upon the appointment of Dr. David Shulkin to the office of U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Among many questions in the minds of these people is how much free-reign President Trump will allow Dr. Shulkin to exercise on their behalf.


With this thought in mind, there are some very interesting but lesser-known factors that Dr. Shulkin brings to the table. At one point during his medical school career, he served on the staff of the Senate Committee on Aging. This experience appears to have given Shulkin an eye-opening and very informative perspective related to how much influence often more negative than positive that the Washington establishment has over healthcare policy.


Dr.Shulkin is the first Secretary of Veterans Affairs in American history who has no personal military background. His only claim to fame in this regard is that his father and grandfather served their country and that he himself was born on a military base.


A no-longer-operational firm known as DoctorQuality whose goal was to provide the public with information relative to various healthcare issues was founded by Dr. Shulkin.


According to recent interview comments made by Mark Lucas of Concerned Veterans of America and American Legion Director Louis Celli, Secretary Shulkin is highly regarded for his consideration of viewpoints expressed by staff members and interest groups at all levels of Veterans healthcare.


In 2016, Modern Healthcare included Dr. Shulkin on its list of 50 Most Influential Physician Executives and Leaders. Also in 2016, Dr. Shulkin contributed an article to USA Today voicing his concern for the number of veterans committing suicide while they wait for the care they so desperately need. In his article, Dr. Shulkin promised to make this concern a top priority.



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