Retired Women And Soldiers Spread Christmas Cheer To Veterans

Soldiers and retired women teamed up to give back to veterans at McGuire VA Hospital. They stated that it is just a small way to say thank to the soldiers for all of the work that they have done. It can be difficult to find the right gift for someone who has limited mobility. That is why Sgt. Arthur Ireland is volunteering at the hospital.

Ireland stated that it makes him feel special as a soldier to give back to other soldiers. The soldiers and retired women hosted a holiday extravaganza for the veterans. The veterans were able to enjoy goodies that they were not able to go out and get themselves.

Charlotte Bailey was one of the people who helped put the event together. Not only did the veterans get to enjoy goodies, but they were also given gifts. Charlotte is a member of a group called Ladies Act of Random Kindness and Services. She stated that they were already doing volunteer work at the hospital, so they decided to have a holiday party for the veterans.

This is the third year that the Ladies Act of Random Kindness and Services has hosted the holiday event. The soldiers stated that they support their fellow soldiers, so serving at the holiday party is the least that they could do. They wanted to make the veterans more comfortable.

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