Southern California Veterans Appraise Trump’s 100 Days

Not spectacular and not disastrous are the passing grades being given to United States President Donald Trump as he completed his first 100 days in office. KGTV Channel 10, an ABC affiliate station in San Diego, interviewed veterans in Coronado Island, a Southern California community that many veterans call home, and their assessment of President Trump was satisfactory for the most part.


One veteran gave Trump a B because he thinks the President is trying his best even though many of his actions are deeply flawed. Another veteran remarked that Trump is also trying to look out for military families. A couple of other veterans believe that Trump’s close relations with generals and top military commanders are commendable.


There is a consensus about Trump’s erratic behavior being the product of self absorption, something that veterans are not happy with. They believe that Trump should fine-tune his attitude and ignore reports and comments made by the press.


Overall, Southern California veterans seem pleased with Trump; however, they would like him to grow a thicker skin when dealing with the media, with legislators and with ranking members of his own party. In other words, they would like to see a more diplomatic Trump.


Many veterans do not know have an opinion on the ongoing investigation of General Michael Flynn and his alleged ties to the Kremlin. For the most part, veterans are waiting to see the results of the investigation, which may connect Russian meddling into the political campaign that helped to elect Trump.


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