T-Shirt Project Giving Help To Homeless Veterans

The number of homeless veterans in the United States has increased drastically since 2010. One person in New York decided that he was going to do something about the homeless problem. He knew that unemployment was one of the main reasons that people are homeless. That is why he decided to start Sense of Self Project. It provides jobs for veterans who are living in a shelter. The veterans make t-shirts.

Daniel McKinney is a veteran who has served in the United States Gulf War. He has been dealt with homelessness for the past 17 years. Daniel stated that he has faced many challenges since he came home. However, working for Sense of Self Project gives him a sense of pride that he has lost.

Aaron Seaney is the founder of Sense of Self Project. He started the organization because he felt that veteran homelessness was being swept under the rug. Lewis Kaiser is another veteran who works for Sense of Self Project. He was unemployed for five years before he worked for Sense of Self Project.

People will get t-shirts every month in exchange for a monthly subscription. Sixty percent of the profit goes towards paying the homeless veterans. The money that is left over goes towards supplies. Aaron stated that Sense of Self Project is about more than just t-shirts. It is about helping people become productive members of society again.

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